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Heyyy I finally got around to writing the first Secret Area post of 2019!

It's about Enemy Front, a WWII budget FPS that's... surprisingly good???

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New on the Secret Area: Homefront is a bad first-person shooter.

It's also a game with ridiculous amounts of product placement.

I decided to document all the ones I saw.

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And if you want to give a person who writes about random video game junk some money (for some reason), you can do so here:

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I've been writing about dumb video game-related malarkey on my blog, You Found a Secret Area. Give it a read:

sometimes I get annoyed when I'm not productive every day, feeling like I wasted the entire day.

it sucks.

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duct tape levels are currently severe

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

Oh right, Buzzr's airing a Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour marathon.

A show that hasn't been seen in 35 years and I thought would never, ever be reran, is now being shown again.

What a trip.

Huh, seems a tumblr post I made years ago about seeing an old TV/VCR combo showing Sister Act at an Oregon state office is getting traction again.

It just feels weird to see notifications for that years after I posted it.

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4/20 is 69 days away, this is the only day you can boost this

Currently in my head: That sick slap bass riff in Animotion's Obsession:

Minor update on the website thing:

Still trying to find a good hosting and domain for cheap, and one preferably with Wordpress integration for seamless transition.

Yes, I know good hosting and cheap are probably two circles that don't overlap, but it's worth a shot.

you know, I was fairly indifferent to pokemon characters.

Then I saw a cute piece of lucario art and now I'm team lucario all the god damn way.

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you're reading that right - bed levels are at 95%

(95%) ■■■■■■■■■□

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give 👏 tom 👏 hall 👏 the 👏 rights 👏 to 👏 commander 👏 keen 👏 back 👏

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Shoutout to @Xkeeper for referring to terrible people as clowns.

It works oddly well.

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I was watching some speedrun of bad games and they played Savage on the Amiga, which probably has the most amazing soundtrack I've heard on that system:

I saw someone mention Dragon Tales and it reminded me of a dude I knew from a game show community who was *really really* into that show.

I don't have much else to say after that really

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hey, what the fuck, spectral? i seriously doubt this alpha quality matrix client got permission to use recolored firewatch art as their splash screen

Sometimes I make dumb impulse purchases like these.

These look so goofy yet I like them??

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phone just tried to autocorrect non binary to non bubsy

what could possibly go wrong

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