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New on the Secret Area: I take a look at WRATH: Aeon of Ruin, a boomer shooter that I played back in early access in 2019 and didn't really like.

Has it gotten better since?

Likes, boosts and comments appreciated, as always:

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fursona reveal!! 

Hey, remember when I was talking about wanting a cat fursona?

Well, thanks to a picrew, and a friend who was willing to help, it's now a reality.

Say hi to Tonya! She's soft, cuddly, and friendly!

(art by Megahand6 on birdsite)

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ps visit my website it has cool dumb video game things

I made a new post yesterday to cover devolver digital's silly advergame

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anyone got decapped ROMs they need someone with free time to mark up in maskromtool? :boost_ok:

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Hey y'all! I'm looking for a pixel artist to help out on my game!

"Enigma Heart" is a retro-styled side-scrolling action RPG. There are no palette restrictions, although I would like to keep the visual style in roughly the SNES era. Tile size is 16x16; most characters are 1 tile x 2 tiles (16x32).

Some of the graphics have already been done by me and another artist, so a style similar to ours/ability to match it, is a must. Screenshots of the game (as it currently stands) are attached to this post.

Needed are graphics of the player character, some NPCs, monsters, and dungeon and town backdrops/tilesets.

Please reply to this post, or if you're more comfortable with a private mention, that's fine too.

Boosts are greatly appreciated!

#GameDev #IndieDev #PixelArt #Boost

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It looks like I'll have to add a detent of some kind, to make sure it always stops in a defined orientation, but the flip-dot d10 works!

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Tried out Split/Second (the racing video game).

There's a decent game in there, and the destruction mechanics are neat, but it feels like it's a bit too tough even for an arcade-style racing game.

I'll keep at it but it does seem to ramp up too quickly.

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house md 4x10 (airdate january 2008). garfield strip july 13 1986. it's the fucking source for the why do they call it oven meme

That moment when you watch a mid-90s game show called "Debt" and the discord call you're in are horrified and fascinated at the same time

look, I'm no handiwoman but I'm kinda proud of at least getting that done

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I had to climb up into my attic to fix a leaky hose in our AC unit.

the attic is a tiny-ass crawl space, and it's like 90-something out.

after a few zip ties, I got it "fixed" enough.

I am now guzzling all the water.

decided to "play" that updated avenged sevenfold fortnite map, which had probably the worst scavenger hunt I'd ever played.

I am increasingly baffled by the band's decision to make stuff like this.

johnny sevenfold give it up and just put songs in fortnite festival already

drug mention (weed) 

wait a minute, I thought being high helped you be good at video games

I'm doing worse

dang it

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We love girls boost if you also love girls

realizing I tend to laugh a lot more than I used to.

I guess sometimes I *can* feel emotion that's not sadness, who knew

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New blog post: trying out the DecentXE keyboard kit on my Atari XE130 to fix the computer's biggest flaw. Thanks to @janbeta !

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it's 1am and it's time for cinnamon rolls

a conversation about iTunes purchases had me reinstall, troubleshoot, and reopen iTunes.

My collection consists of that one U2 album, the music video for Soundgarden's Black Rain, and "Christmastime is Here (Instrumental)" from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

...can you tell I never really used iTunes?

New Secret Area post: PopStar Guitar on the PS2.

A knockoff of Guitar Hero/Rock Band, it really feels like something your mom would get instead of the real thing.

Likes, reposts and comments appreciated, as always.

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