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Guess who just figured out how to use GoldenEye animations on a Half-Life model. 💪🦊✨
#LowPoly #HalfLife #Fussy

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just saw the acronym "IPoAC" and my tired brain thought it obviously had to stand for "IP over animal crossing" well anyway good night

It sucks that foobar2000's game emu player has weird hangups like not enabling M3U support for GBS/NSF, or being able to adjust individual track times.

Is it any wonder why I still use Winamp with 5-10 different media plugins? Because they *work* without any weird hangups.

I keep forgetting I have the Matrix Lobby music in my MP3 collection.

It's still a banging song 20 years later.

Starting to think about making a lucario sona :blobthinking:

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haven't watched the AVGN aladdin deck enhancer video yet but i'm trying to figure out the over/under on how many times he says "aladdin DICK enhancer" in the video

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new capcom plug & play console! it has 16 games, costs almost $300 USD, comes in one of the ugliest fight sticks i've ever seen in my life, and uses emulation powered by Final Burn Alpha, which has a non-commercial license

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Just saw this cute piece of Shadow fanart on birdsite and I swear I will always love Sonic fanart despite not really being into the games anymore

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fun fact: when you speed up the GameCube menu 16x it plays the Famicom Startup theme.

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I think I'm officially an audio editing nerd.

I realized there was a bad CD mastering and had to clip a *very* small portion (>1 second) from the end of one track and paste it into the beginning of another.

Nobody's really gonna notice it unless they're listening with headphones. But it kept bothering me that I had to do something about it.

The fb2k plugin I grabbed, playback statistics, has a neat little feature where it will only count it as played if I've listened to at least a minute of it.

Great for those moments where I skip/stop a song five seconds in.

I'm so glad I installed a foobar2000 plugin that shows how many times a song's been played.

Now I can stop listening to the same 10-15 songs and maybe listen to the 1200+ other ones I haven't listened to as much.

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happy 2 year anniversary computer fairies !!!!


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