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my ENTIRE masto timeline is bots and lesbian wife guys

does anyone still use masto there’s much less doom scrolling on here

toot toot. is anyone out there? my feed is exclusively tiny gardens posts

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i’m rly so desperate to get off of twitter now first instagram is unusable and now this. i’m NOT A LUDITE I JUST HATE TECHNOLOGY ‼️

for the masto crowd im catsitting the BABIEST cat in the world his name is gus i just met him and i would die for him

i wish my skin didn’t take so incredibly long to heal from piercings bc i do in fact want a bull dyke nose ring desperately

@MUCK [food is 15 minutes late] me: should i give myself a tattoo

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my emotional stability is largely dependent on food and my thai order is delayed :<

@MUCK i do the same dyke head tilt pose in every picture but i’m so grateful i lived w a photo major freshman year who taught me how to take even remotely flattering selfies bc i was a mess in every photo i ever took before college

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a badly molded scarecrow fang cut the top of my gum and caused me to ACTUALLY bleed which is so funny. anyway girls who say hiiiii

can’t find my compression gloves and the joints in my dominant hand r killin me

i quit therapy this week so expect me to post an excessive amount of screenshots from silly phone games instead

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