i'm waiting for the game where there's a secret plot to protect zelda by having link disguise himself as her, but then he ends up not being able to defend himself in heels or whatever so he gets kidnapped

zelda, who wasn't informed of this plan, is furious that they'd allow link to be put in danger for her sake without even asking her, but she has to stay in hiding so ganon doesn't realize that he doesn't actually have zelda

so she has to disguise herself as link to rescue herself

Renalia - The Satori Mind Opened
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@monorail I'm now imagining Zelda princess carrying a very blushing Link in the princess zelda dress as ganon's castle falls and then she pauses and is like.. "...Uh... You... can keep the dress if you want. It... it looks good on you, you know?" and Link just blushes a lot, but smiles and hugs Zelda tighter.

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