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Part 3 of 'sona art! Artists below!
1: @SerenaBeancatte drew this lovely doodl! friembly energy
2 and 4: Both by @BatElite and both so adorbs aaaa ^^
3: by @MayuZane on Twitter, who writes and draws the Merchant Band comic!

These are all really great giftarts and I am so thankful for these lovely lovely people drawing them ;w;

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(bad joke) how do you tell the difference between a european hedgehog and an american hedgehog 

the european one will run at 50hz, and the american one at 60hz.

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Part two!
1: Art by Ottahz on FA (now deactivated sadly ;; can't find what their new id is or anything D: )
2: This one's by @catteboots on birdsite and aaaaaaa :D
3: Aaand refsheet by @leafyakiko on birdsite as well!

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Here's part one!
1: me and @rycuda havin' a snug on a couch by @catterfly
2: Also me, by Catterfly as well, havin' a sip of a nice big mug of tea.
3: I mean these are all gonna be me so... This one is by @Velvettey on birdsite!
4: and this one is by Kuwater on FA <3

re; last boost

boosting it because it's fuckin gold and i posted it pretty late last night I think

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Eye contact, screenshot of character from videogame 

My character in monster Hunter stories 2 has extremely sleepy gremlin energy

With Australia being as crap as most other countries to working class disabled folk, if anyone has some spare change so I could buy some prescription antibiotics and insulin that would be grand. The joys of capitalism and blocking immigrants from applying for benefits during crisis times, innit?

#TransCrowdfund #Fundraising

Eye contact, screenshot of character from videogame 

My character in monster Hunter stories 2 has extremely sleepy gremlin energy

i have no money and need food. im also out of estradiol. dont get paid until august 6th, and after food and bills and saving for appointments i wont have any money for HRT which is about £60 i need per month for just estradiol. can someone please help me?? dunno how much more i can keep going on like this with the dysphoria<3

cashapp: JuliaEl

Activision-Blizzard Picket Line Today 

Please do not play any of these games today to support those striking.
Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk's, Spyro/Skylanders, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and Candy Crush Saga.

update! 🏡

roommate had to quit one of their jobs because of their chronic fatigue and joint health issues. they're looking for another one that will impact them less, but we still need money to mitigate not being able to save up any


Playdate: "ahahah, um... we made this thing we like it, we hope you like it too, we're trying our best unu'

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Fun fact: FedEx and UPS have developed working teleportation technology. They use it exclusively to put "Sorry We Missed You" stickers on your door.

genuinely spend large portions of the game either humming "Fighting Dreamers" from Naruto or "Follow Me" from Sonic Adventure to myself lol

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It's nice tho. it's got a fair bit of replayability. There's character customisation too, and I finally got enough stuff to get what's called the "Chibi mask" which makes your character smol.

Most I'm sure get this because smol bean uwu, but I got it because it has a particular quirk with the default run animation.

Normally, once you hit maximum run speed, you start naruto running, but it's hard to get that fast. With the chibi mask, ALL running is Naruto running.

Ergo, best mask.

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(also the game is JAAAANKKKKKKK loool. there are so many goddamn glitches and stuff in it. it's actually kind of charming except in certain places where the jank genuinely gets in the way, and unfortunately these are in the most difficult sections too)

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like, it has a text prediction thing, but it's bloody awful, unintuitive, and awkward as hell to use. it's a nightmare. it means any text responding to people is SLOW and i often miss stuff they've typed at me because they have a phone keyboard that, you know, actually FUNCTIONS, and can do gesture typing/Swype, (and also can do emojo). and also i can't see what's being typed or said until I've finished typing. x-x;

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