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Part two!
1: Art by Ottahz on FA (now deactivated sadly ;; can't find what their new id is or anything D: )
2: This one's by @catteboots on birdsite and aaaaaaa :D
3: Aaand refsheet by @leafyakiko on birdsite as well!

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Here's part one!
1: me and @rycuda havin' a snug on a couch by @catterfly
2: Also me, by Catterfly as well, havin' a sip of a nice big mug of tea.
3: I mean these are all gonna be me so... This one is by @Velvettey on birdsite!
4: and this one is by Kuwater on FA <3

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(bad joke) how do you tell the difference between a european hedgehog and an american hedgehog Show more

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making racists on Etsy accountable (ok to RT) Show more

yknow whats a pet peeve

when furries like try to reinforce the idea that skunks literally stink or whatever and not even for like a fuckin kink ass reason or whatever like no skunks are lovely babies and spraying hurts the shit out of them hence why its a defense mechanism

no but seriously numbers can be funny but I get a lotta joy outta my till coming up with £4.04, or 3.86 or shit like that

tired: "lol 69/420 aayyy lmao"
wired: 486 fuck yeaaaaaah get me that 100mhz chip!

" This man had a £5.25 milkshake wasted because a despicable human being was walking through the town. We aim to raise funds to replace the delicious milkshake that gave its life in sacrifice in the fight against toxic rhetoric. "

Also he probable needs help paying for legal stuff

detective pikachu has brought back my childhood wish for pokemon to be real with a new intensity

#pokemon #creativetoots #digitalart #mastoart #artistsonmastodon

I finished every puzzle in this picross game on my phone and have leftover tokens...

Guess I'll wait until more puzzles come out ;w;

This pamphlet, 'Too Many of Whom? Too Much of What?' was produced by No One Is Illegal, back in 2010. At the time there were a number of outlets, both mainstream and supposedly ‘radical’ that were pushing the idea that population was one of the main sources of environmental destruction. To confront the argument that controls on migration or on population as a whole was a solution to climate disaster, NOII put together this incredibly well researched, yet relatively easy to read discussion paper.

These arguments have once again began to rear their ugly heads within the environmental movement, and it is important to refute them.

tired: Milkshakeing fascists
wired: Cracking open a Cold One on the Proud Boys

Do I know anyone who needs a component to VGA box? I no longer need one myself and I’d love to pass this along to a new home.

Origami, I love my Darling 💗, finished origami projects Show more

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