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what if a game called post furry where you play a cute ai/robot anthro character who delivers emails to people logged into an online world

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In a conversation with my housemate I suddenly got a terrible idea

open world wrestling game


everything is phys enabled.


even the ring. Even the structures making up the ring. even the building. even the ground. even the PLANET.



like katamari damacy only wrestling things instead of rolling them up.

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because now I'm thinking about a party of kobolds but they somehow saw int o another reality where power rangers and kamen rider and such are a thing and now they're convinced that to good they have to be a sentai team so they have the uniforms and transformation sequences and gadgets and everything.

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@blackle Four armed buff demon gal in a little Toyota AE86 Trueno Apex doing breakneck drifting turns without spilling a single drop of water in the cup on the dashboard

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(bad joke) how do you tell the difference between a european hedgehog and an american hedgehog Show more

hey look it's another pixel animation! this time with snake @ashiinu and was a lot of fun! love making these happy blinking cuties. :purple_sparkling_heart: :purple_sparkling_heart:

Unless you have a very good reason not to, or are publicly known anyway, there is really no need for you to use your real name or photo online.

Back in the 90s when i first discovered the internet, this was common knowledge. Nobody used their real name on forums or share personal information without considering the consequences. Those few who did were promptly told that's a bad idea.

It seems somehow we unlearned this, right when corporations started monetizing that information.

Shout-out to all the amateur programmers who have "hacked" the database #mastodoom

been trying to find an album for a solid week so I drew this in the vain hope that Iris would know and she figured it out immediately. A+ would be an artist and date another artist who is a music nerd again.

Cutscene of Toad becoming angry at Mario and later apologizing for his behavior, from the Japan-only BS Super Mario Collection, a special version of Super Mario All-Stars for the Satellaview.

Real-life recreations of the different types of cookies from Yoshi's Cookie, seen in the Japan-only "With Yoshi", a book about Yoshi games and merchandise.

Today I have my headphones. I've slept better and longer. I've got a full tum. I've showered, not much razor burn today, feeling pretty good.

Still tired though. Perpetual sleepiness at work sure is a thing. Bleh.

Reviewed DQ11. I ran out of space in the review box on Steam. I didn't know that was possible.

bowser mario slashfic where they work out their toxic masculinity with emotional yelling and crying, and it turns out bowser is trans and peach helps her transition and they're all poly the end

that is all

idk why I've decided consistently that bea is my mom and Ren is my sister but here we are, this is Lan Canon

lov this arc mous tho

bendy flexy pointy device frien

makey lciky pointy nice good. also pu ttto slep

< 3 u al

gon bed slep now

nini <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

yes ebvbj you there hiding

ur cute and good to


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