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Part two!
1: Art by Ottahz on FA (now deactivated sadly ;; can't find what their new id is or anything D: )
2: This one's by @catteboots on birdsite and aaaaaaa :D
3: Aaand refsheet by @leafyakiko on birdsite as well!

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Here's part one!
1: me and @rycuda havin' a snug on a couch by @catterfly
2: Also me, by Catterfly as well, havin' a sip of a nice big mug of tea.
3: I mean these are all gonna be me so... This one is by @Velvettey on birdsite!
4: and this one is by Kuwater on FA <3

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(bad joke) how do you tell the difference between a european hedgehog and an american hedgehog Show more

Gachaman, an anime about superheroes who fight for conservation, environmentalism, and the responsible use of technology, but get their superhero costumes randomly out of a prize-ball machine at the start of every episode

...oh my god florian i just relaised what your display name was @theoutrider i literally have spent all this time going "huh i guess he really likes euro truck simulator" i cannot believe i never fucking realised

Food mentions Show more

April is Autism Acceptance Month. Here's your periodic reminder to NOT donate to Autism Speaks. They're a pro-eugenics organisation masquerading as a charity, and they don't have any autistic people on their board of directors. They do nor speak for me or other #ActuallyAutistic people.

nero has been sending me bat videos all morning and i need you all to know that bats are perfect actually

sometimes i wonder if ppl are so wedded to class stratification because it’s a type of diversity that a lot of our cultural touchstones rely on. like without “rich” and “poor,” people imagine phalanxes of drones in neutral toned sack cloth. i think we need more speculative fiction that explores types of difference that are completely inconceivable today

NSFW, furry nudity. Show more

I fucking love this


i found my favorite tumblr audio post again


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