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In a conversation with my housemate I suddenly got a terrible idea

open world wrestling game


everything is phys enabled.


even the ring. Even the structures making up the ring. even the building. even the ground. even the PLANET.



like katamari damacy only wrestling things instead of rolling them up.

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because now I'm thinking about a party of kobolds but they somehow saw int o another reality where power rangers and kamen rider and such are a thing and now they're convinced that to good they have to be a sentai team so they have the uniforms and transformation sequences and gadgets and everything.

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@blackle Four armed buff demon gal in a little Toyota AE86 Trueno Apex doing breakneck drifting turns without spilling a single drop of water in the cup on the dashboard

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(bad joke) how do you tell the difference between a european hedgehog and an american hedgehog Show more

Hmmm, can't seem to work out parrying in WotS3. also it's super confusing trying to follow the plotlines. You gotta just know what place to go at what time, following the Inklings on the map??... but ieven following a guide it's... weird and doesn't match up??

Oh okay, so I CAN cosplay as a catboy in WotS3. that's... not so bad.

ugghhh there is literally only one female character for 3 and it's only on the Plus version, released exclusively in Japan for Ps3. uughhh D: oh well

oh nevermind the head and outfit set unlocked only ONE more head and it was another dude -_-;

oh ri9ght there's a head and outfit set for WotS3 :| hff.

...6 out of 7 heads unlocked for WotS3... and all are male... I'm...

not liking this ... :(

oh sweet there's a quick way to rack up ridiculous amounts of the samurai points which lets you unlock stuff. Niiiiice.

mleh way of the samurai 3 (just like its predecessor) requires me to unlock the female characters. I gotta start with male ones. bleeehhhhh D: Oh well.

Actually, Windows' messages written with "we" are instantly better when you imagine the King of all Cosmos talking to you.

"We're collecting error information. My, Windows is full of errors."

(you can @ me if you like I'm being semi-facetious but yeah I do get that feeling but it's never actually brought up in game and i'm literally just going off the fact that the game has a Bravery stat and Neku's is really low so he won't dare put on any flashier or prettier clothing until you raise it real high)

Neku from TWEWY is a trans girl and Joshua tries to get them to come out of their shell don't @ me

She still won't quite admit that she likes cats and it's sort of really adorable

Oh yeah I got to pet some Maine Coon kittens (and cats. And the parent kitties) today and let me tell you they were so fluffy and majestic and also we are apparently getting one because Miq's mum wants her own cat (after maintaining for ages that she doesn't dislike cats but she doesn't see the point in them unlike dogs but since we moved in with our babies she's very fond of them)

so yeah basically TWEWY is a good game and fun and has good music and I wish I had a real cart of it so I could play it again and you should totes check it out.

thinking back to playing TWEWY and going into the shops that sell femme clothing and gothic lolita stuff and seeing that you need high Bravery to wear some of the more Femme stuff and realising that Neku starts with a pretty pitiful Bravery stat, relegating him to the low stat, boring looking tanks and shorts and stuff.

and also always being disappointed by the fact that his in game sprite still had his normal character clothes on rather than the pretty things you could eventually dress him in.

I'm gonna play a game you enjoy! Heck even if i tell it to ya
what is it possible to what came before though definitely!

oh man the interstate 76 soundtrack is


so funky

alternative toot: my bop a blob toot but instead of hammer based impact damage, it's gentle headpats for blobfriens.