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Part 3 of 'sona art! Artists below!
1: @SerenaBeancatte drew this lovely doodl! friembly energy
2 and 4: Both by @BatElite and both so adorbs aaaa ^^
3: by @MayuZane on Twitter, who writes and draws the Merchant Band comic!

These are all really great giftarts and I am so thankful for these lovely lovely people drawing them ;w;

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(bad joke) how do you tell the difference between a european hedgehog and an american hedgehog 

the european one will run at 50hz, and the american one at 60hz.

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Part two!
1: Art by Ottahz on FA (now deactivated sadly ;; can't find what their new id is or anything D: )
2: This one's by @catteboots on birdsite and aaaaaaa :D
3: Aaand refsheet by @leafyakiko on birdsite as well!

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Here's part one!
1: me and @rycuda havin' a snug on a couch by @catterfly
2: Also me, by Catterfly as well, havin' a sip of a nice big mug of tea.
3: I mean these are all gonna be me so... This one is by @Velvettey on birdsite!
4: and this one is by Kuwater on FA <3

Planet-wide picket line: no one go back to work for corpos till you get a dignified living wage. Fuck McDonald's.

If your experience does not suit you, mod it. Mod your games, mod your OS, mod your hardware, mod yourself.

As long as you're not in a fair competition, cheat. Cheat if it's an unfair competition. Hack everything, level the playing field.

Remove unwanted mechanics, adjust difficulty, change your perceptions, change your experience. Online, in games, in meatspace. You are the final arbiter in what you experience.

Fuck anyone who claims this is wrong or cheapens an experience.

Hey so the Seattle Police Department is holding a free Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner next week!

It Sure Would Be Terrible if all the seats were taken up by people who aren't law enforcement officers and don't intend to show up! :blobowoevil:

There's a group of gamers on resetera doing some testing against the failure rate of ORAS carts and finding they have an extremely high failure rate and are going corrupt/unbootable all around the same time this month; at least the PAL ones.

Probably a bad batch, but the flash media used in 3DS carts does NOT have the "Centuries if treated well" storage life of carts from the NES era, so we should expect full data loss on these carts in our lifetimes.

Preservation. It's important.

re; my last too toots, those probably should have stayed "in the drafts" as they say but that thought just would not leave me alone.

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re: old fediverse meme, garbage pooptooting, cw for violence p2 

At the signal from this silhoutte, one of the hired goons moves, and I feel a shock of pain in my temple as I am struck. They grab my chin, and bark an order. "WHERE IS LANCE ULANOFF!? WHERE IS HE!? WHERE IS MASTODON HIDING HIM!?"

I cough up some blood, and laugh softly, not looking at the goon, but instead straight at the silhouette, who tightens his fists in rage.

"You'll never find him, William. NEVER."

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old fediverse meme, garbage pooptooting, cw for violence 

my assailant yanks the opaque cloth bag off my head and I flinch at the light. I find myself chained to a chair, with armed guards around me.

Before me stands a figure, silhouetted. I cannot make out their face, but I already know who it is. I simply smile to myself; i am unafraid. I will not break. 1/2

"what supoer power would you choose if you could have any power whatsoever?"
idk i guess the power to just... not be uncomfortable or unhappy ever. that'd be nice. maybe just... not have a body at all, just float around, not have to worry about food, drink, dying, healthcare, getting sick, getting tired, needing the bathroom, any of that shit. just like... yeah. maybe being a jellyfish, that'd be cool...
"...i was...meaning like superstrength??"
and have RESPONSIBILITIES?! GOD, fuck no!

looks into the camera like im on the office


"Doesn't help that we don't currently verify email address or have good account security," one Epic executive said.


signal buys targeted facebook ads that just reveal the targeting information

and then gets banned from facebook ads

I'm meant to be working. I have a cat on me. she's... making it difficult to use my keyboard and mouse

ukpol, fucking hell Tories' local election pitch now just straight up "nice community you've got here... shame if something happened to it"


Okay .. @outie ??

I know you mentioned that Sine Mora EX has some extremely harsh and bleak content in its story

But hooooooooooooly shit I was absolutely not prepared. Jeeeesus

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