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Part two!
1: Art by Ottahz on FA (now deactivated sadly ;; can't find what their new id is or anything D: )
2: This one's by @catteboots on birdsite and aaaaaaa :D
3: Aaand refsheet by @leafyakiko on birdsite as well!

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Here's part one!
1: me and @rycuda havin' a snug on a couch by @catterfly
2: Also me, by Catterfly as well, havin' a sip of a nice big mug of tea.
3: I mean these are all gonna be me so... This one is by @Velvettey on birdsite!
4: and this one is by Kuwater on FA <3

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(bad joke) how do you tell the difference between a european hedgehog and an american hedgehog Show more

Woah. I remember this, it's from my last school's first year project, Transhumance. But I don't remember if it was an ingame screenshot or an artwork.

The game does have a simple paint strokes effect in game though.

like if you dont turn into a werewolf from that i guess you never will

reminder that mondays full moon is a SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON

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computer ranting Show more

computer ranting Show more

computer ranting Show more

British historians: we are a proud and noble empire, the highest of cultures
British history: dumb shit like this

oh jeez oh heck my monitors were pushed way oto far back and i'm STILL NOT EVEN SURE WHY

Hbomb's Donkey Kong 64 marathon stream starts today (Jan 18) at 20:30 UTC!! (15:30 US Eastern / 12:30 US Western / 07:30 East Australia)

It's benefitting that UK charity for trans youth that that piece of shit television writer tried to brigade.

#BunnyTips Cover your telephone and charger wires. Your bunny will attempt to chew through them at the first opportunity.

This is to isolate you, ensuring you cannot call for help.

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y'got know idea how hard some of this garbage was, and how little I worried about making it work. So some of it kinda doesn't. It's beautiful. Also support my Patreon because I make good stuff

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