@Nocta @jk You gotta get up REAL EARLY* to get past me =w=

(*: like, i dunno, earlier than 2pm honestly and even then I might not be awake enough until like midnight that day)

@Nocta damn you time travelling europeans with your hours ahead of us UKers!

@Nine I wasn't sure since your post was kinda late XD

@Nocta like I said, REAL EARLY* =w=

(*late because I am a sleepy sknq =w=; )


If capitalism didn't force me to wake up I would probably have roughly the same hours XD

@Nocta mostly i'm forced to wake up at like 7am these days because we got workmen working on things nearby so lotsa drilling, sawing, banging etc, plus needing to move cars from the driveway so they can get in. e_e; ducks don't seem to mind much... nor do the cats, lol

@Nocta ah don't feel so bad, I'm like... kinda wildly priveledged tbh. ._.; I get to work as a writer full time and sure my situation isn't FULLY secure but... as long as the work I've been churning out these last few months goes well... I'll be more or less stable. Not WEALTHY, but... definitely stable.

@Nine I see ^^'
I hope it'll get better for you though

Renalia - The Satori Mind Opened
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@Nocta ah it's okay! I'm honestly doing a lot better than I was some years back.

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