Well I got soaked saving some kittens from the rain.

Got em dry. Idk if there were any others but they were all I heard and had to get em in before it really started coming down. They seem fine, moving around and wrestling a little.

Gunna take em home tonight and drop me off at a shelter tomorrow.

Kitten update, not keen on being bottle fed. They drank some formula so I let them use the bathroom and I’ll feed em one more time before bed. Call the shelter tomorrow after a nap.

Was gunna feed em one more time before bed but they’re sound asleep and it’s the only rest they’ve had for 8+ hours. Just let em be and let the shelter take care of them here on.

Tried calling local shelter and they could take them but my dumbass told them where I found em and realized as soon as I said that they probably won’t take em if outside jurisdiction. Fucking ofc, gunna call up the shelter near my work later once they’re open.

I’m truthful to a fault. I keep thinking trouble is something I can actually get in.

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