they're closing in like 15 minutes but if you're in orlando for free play florida or any other godforsaken reason then i implore you to visit florida's finest DBZ-themed eatery

I had to come up with something yellow and mythical during a game of Knit Wit and the thing I thought of was β€œExcalibanana”.

I don't think we're going out after all but I look cute as heck anyway lol

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Tfw people notice you making really dopey lovey faces at their dogs

We had some curious raccoons play scuffling in our yard last night (maybe lured by punkins)

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If you:
* Live in Seattle
* Have tech skills
* Want to make a decent living using those tech skills FOR GOOD rather than for evil

Then apply to this job at UW! Silby is a sweetheart and the research done in this lab relates to HIV and other good important research


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I had a dream someone wanted me to hurt a puppy as some kind of test. So, I punched them. And then I had a puppy.

GUYS look at this amazing art I got of me and @datastains as noise (from TWEWY)!!!!!


Art is by givealexahand on birdsite

positivity, but in response to terrible things. don't click if you can't but just know part of it is "I love you" and that part is still for you. Show more

the non-binary term for master/mistress is mattress

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