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When I fave a toot, it doesn't always - or even often - mean: "I like the thing you tooted about."

Very often it means "Thank you for sharing, I acknowledge your toot, and I think of you."

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I'm bisexual.
That means I like both kinds of people: Those who have gender(s) and those who don't.

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So apparently uBlock Origin, with which I spent way too much time today, can be used to CHANGE a site's css.
And since I'm a bit paranoid about extensions, I decided to ditch Stylus and recreate @numimyon's colorful mastodon thing in UBO! And I added a rainbow TOOT! button!

Screenshot attached, link to uBlock Origin rules here:

Alright, peeps, I'm moving.

It's been really great here, though!

Come see me at @tobi!

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Even Online, Be Good To Yourself

☣️Don't frequent hateful communities
☣️Stop looking at abusers' social media
☣️Avoid people who cut down others over their issues
☣️Kindness will bring you healthier friendships
☣️Spend time in healthier environments
☣️Stay safe & full of joy


Phew! Done with a first, dirty prototype 😆
It's gotta suffice as a gift 😅

Another rant about how useless Windows 10 is Show more

Another rant about how useless Windows 10 is Show more

Had to rephrase, sorry. I wrote this just after getting up and I wasn't happy with the lack of precision.

Do you know that rare but sublime pleasure, when a warm breeze gently blows over your skin *just so*, and you feel like your every desire has been fulfilled?

I just tried to understand how the 555 timer IC works and now my head hurts.

Look, I DIG that old-school (nowadays) reward loop, okay?
And then give me more and make me go back to town to sell it all!
Or give it to my pet, like in Torchlight II!
But: Don't make me click, my wrist doesn't like that 😦

Me: *listens to a podcast about Diablo*
Me: "Oh, Diablo was great! I should pl-
My wrist: "OH NO YOU DON'T!"
Me: "Fair. How about with a controller?"
My wrist: "Yeah, we can give that a try."
Steam: "Yo! You own Victor Vran, it's like Diablo but with controller support!"
Me: "Awesome! Install that shit!"
Steam: *installs*
Victor Vran: *looks good, controls good*
Me: "Alright!"
Victor Vran: *drops 5 items in the first hour, none of them magic*
Me: "Booooring."

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the mere existence of billionaires is immoral

One Word; Guillotines.
Billionaires Are the Leading Cause of Climate Change - GQ

Anybody want to (voice?)chat on Discord for a bit?
DM me your Discord user ID and I'll friend you!
Or the other way around, if you want!

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