hey i'm really curious about gender-neutral pronouns in different languages. english has "they", plus a bunch of different neopronouns. what do you use in your language?

(boosts would be great to cast a wider net on this, thx)

@em I would also like to see this. I know how it works in French and German, but I'm not in touch with enough trans/NB people in those groups to know what's used

@gayhobbes @em in german we don't have widespread neutral pronouns yet. Ppl use "sier" for example.


@distel @gayhobbes @em Yeah, German is not great with gender-neutral anything.
It's not QUITE as bad as standard-French since in standard-German at least we have a word for "it", but still...
Most enbies I encounter use "es" ("it") or no pronouns at all.
I personally wouldn't mind just importing "they", and I find "sier" not for me, because I'm agender, not bigender (it's literally the words "she" and "he" mashed together) 😉

@Tobi @gayhobbes @em yeah, but "es" (it) is a pronoun used for animals and things, not a neutral human pronoun. and since queer people have been and still are dehumanized, I know some of them who have a problem using "it".
I also know the "no pronouns at all" preference, quite a few people I know use that.
other solutions include: change pronouns often, use the pronoun of the gender you were not assigned at birth (without passing as that gender) and importing "they".

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