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i don't think i ever did one of these

i'm amelia; most of my friends call me mia. i am very trans and very pan and mostly corporeal. i'm in my second year of law school, but i promise i'm cool. my undergraduate degree is in tony hawk's pro skater. talk to me about sports uniform design.

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boost this if you wanna help me test something?

real talk i've been doing this for years and it's fun to see what works when you bump it up or down a semitone. if you're into the mars volta, that's my number 1 band to do it with, all their material is composed in such a way that really lends itself to shifting it around

make old music new again: pitch-shift it!

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i made a mistake rebuying destiny 1 and didn't know there was a collection that included rise of iron so i guess i'm saving $30 over the next however long so that i can actually do all the content

*kickflips into your feed*

i have like five sona in progress, is what i'm saying, because when i finally decide to do something i do it a bazillion percent

and scalier, and featherier, and uhhhh

i'm back and i'm furrier than ever

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btw friends don’t let friends say “preferred pronouns”

it’s just “pronouns”
preference implies the user has any choice

thinking a lot about bleaching my hair and buying a bumper sticker that says "bottom text" how are you?

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hey turns out being with people you tend to get less active on social media

i hope everyone had a good holiday, you're all lovely.

also just to avoid confusion, i changed my avi, same amelia new look

my birthday was a month ago and i just realized i never changed my bio to reflect that

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boost this toot to immediately hewwo

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