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i don't think i ever did one of these

i'm amelia; most of my friends call me mia. i am very trans and very pan and mostly corporeal. i'm in my second year of law school, but i promise i'm cool. my undergraduate degree is in tony hawk's pro skater. talk to me about sports uniform design.

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btw friends don’t let friends say “preferred pronouns”

it’s just “pronouns”
preference implies the user has any choice

thinking a lot about bleaching my hair and buying a bumper sticker that says "bottom text" how are you?

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hey turns out being with people you tend to get less active on social media

i hope everyone had a good holiday, you're all lovely.

also just to avoid confusion, i changed my avi, same amelia new look

my birthday was a month ago and i just realized i never changed my bio to reflect that

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boost this toot to immediately hewwo

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i spent most of the day sleeping but i'm through the worst of the stuff, i think

i have so much to do in the next like... 11 days asdfghjkl;

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forgot to make my spooky name here

@SuricrasiaOnline and sharkier. forgot that one, somehow

i fixed the toot and the lesson here is don't make math jokes and also do mental math at almost 2am while watching a giant bomb mailbag


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