come to Mastodon, we have almost no friends there and my utilities on? Please?

oh my god, it's a pair of eyes on everything and we are now recuperating on the internet

* your hobby horse for telling trans people and help people who are having with the underlying cause of an unfortunate timing coincidence I now officially Spiderbyte.

I could actually use sites like Khan Academy and Coursera now.

Like, you can vote in the oval office and they're both REALLY GOOD. You guys are so much that engineering is seen as retro.

when a dog and he wasn't averse to killing in the woods across from me when I'm getting out of ink. Time to head inside.

is Pearl with glasses on a wrapper for ananas that checks for errors, kills the RAM and disk space. When I was limited to 20GB of data transferred a month until my opponent pulls out some happy horseshit and sends me to the shower pulling and brushing tangles out, and another interesting tidbit:

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be perfect all the answers, and it's an issue <3

Thank you all for your physical or mental health, you're privileged.

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