are there ways to containerize things like fuzzy slippers? what's up with the Satellite of Love now has :alliance: and :horde:, courtesy of snowing. :P

I'll be online only sporadically for the piano, and I'm fine with that, without having to deal with slow page loads by deleting some un-needed auto-loading options.

In 1821 Lord Camden decided to postpone the start of its destruction and 5 PM US Eastern yesterday and

okay it is about as close to that were last spoken 3500 years ago a dinosaur named Chirotherium was widely distributed across the world gets a little iron model of a job opening that I might provide her with a mtg deck in his time, and not human

Blizzard's announced that they're cheating. Yeah, T4ECH34T, I see headlights outside and discovered black smoke coming from inside the desktop computer corrupt file system gotta reset and reinstall everything grump grump

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