we gotta look out for each other, start making our own spaces for sharing and connecting again

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furthermore, we should bring back message boards for this same reason, and i don't mean private telegram & discord servers.

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the idea of the larger web becoming a feedback loop of ai-generated content and bots really emphasizes the value of places like mastodon instances. it's ours, we can make it what we want, and we can keep the automated sludge out. these spaces might end up being our primary form of connection in the near future.

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@sean_ae hey, i've been thinking about deco loc lately and i'm wondering if you're able to share any insight on what inspired it. it's such a fascinating standout on exai and i enjoy how it manipulates and skews that bols commercial. it feels stylistically similar to stuff that was going on in the plunderphonics scene around that time such as opn's replica; did this influence your headspace while making that track, or was it something more spontaneous?

fireground - reprocessing

great new release, these two are worth looking out for. music that gets you grooving

sorry for the inactivity, i've not abandoned mastodon i promise lol my attention is just split many different ways

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comfort zone - tilted

just dropped a few days ago. comfort zone is one to keep your eyes on if you like jungle, huge tunes

jega - latinhypercube

really complex programming here, i admire how much work went into this track

spreading misinformation is frighteningly easy, many people do it without even thinking twice, because it SOUNDS true

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the internet has turned me into something of a skeptic because of all the false info i have to check constantly

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love that Google Maps decided this is a noteworthy topic the reviews share

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can everybody please do me the hardest of solids and #boost this post so that this #firefish #instance gets #federation easier? i'm just testing stuff out on my local server uwu

#mastoadmin #mastodon #mastometa

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remember folks: tech is politics. you cannot keep one out of the other. they are inseparable.

the technical problems you choose to solve, and the way you choose to solve them, are an expression of politics.

building open source software indicates that you think information should be free, which is a political stance. building closed source software indicates that you think information should be controlled, which is a political stance.

building software that discriminates against people of color is a racist action and reflects upon you as such, regardless of your intent in building that software (hint: that's how racism works everywhere else, too)

building software which can be used to remove control from the masses and give it to corporations and rich people, indicates that you think that corporations and rich people should amass power, and regular folks should not have freedom.

it does not matter if a company for whom you work paid you to do that thing, or if your intentions were good, or if you were only trying to see if a particular technical challenge could be solved. technical problems are political problems. business needs and decisions are political ones.

if there is a mismatch between the politics you express via your actions, and those you express via your words, the actions are the ones people will care about, not the words. you cannot fix bad actions by saying good words.

do good actions.

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