@autistikai the last time we tried to sink England with equipment from Germany didn't go so well

@autistikai I dunno but I'd rather use those big shovels for anything else than destroying the landscape for lignite

@anarchiv if we trap the english we could just kill them all instead of sinking the thing. that'd technically make it not england anymore, yeah?

@autistikai we could use the excavated material to build dykes and save the Netherlands

@anarchiv ....i totally misunderstood which meaning of that word you meant here

@anarchiv im absolutely down for building a bunch of lesbians but im not sure what thatd do for the dutch

@autistikai hey, we invented the... no, that was the scots...

we invented the... no, scots again...

we're good at sing... no, that's the welsh..

nah, I got nothing

That would finally be a good use of these... And if it's only a huge channel it may help.

@autistikai Sadly the scots are showing to be as equally suffering from terfs now.

@autistikai I assume Canadians will be allowed to evacuate, right? ...Right...? 😬

@autistikai what did Cornwall do wrong. we're not English why we get sinked ;~;

@CornishRepublicanArmy i didn't make the graphic, but rest assured i won't let any such plan go forward without first making sure it's only sinking the english, not the people who just have the misfortune of having to live near them

@autistikai we don't just live near them, they stole our fucking land! and our mythology too. King Arthur was a Celtic king from fucking Cornwall who fought off the Anglo Saxon invasion. *grumbles* fucking anglos... always stealing other peoples shit

@CornishRepublicanArmy i understand this, but a proper history lesson hardly fits in a single toot, much less one involving all the shit they've done. i also kinda figured it was common knowledge that "living near the english" inevitably involves them stealing everything from you. that's literally the only thing they're known for

@autistikai Atlantis, but it's just a mass of all the shitty parts of countries with shitty political opinions and that's why it got sunk to the bottom of the ocean

every thousand years or so, Atlantis resurfaces to much fanfare, and then everyone realizes why their predecessors sunk it and they send it back down again
@autistikai til only English people understand biology aight praise be
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