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Right, might as well get around to doing one of these with the new influx

I'm sam, I'm an octopus

I do some moderation stuff around here on so if you need a hand with something then I might be able to help

I also make bad-to-middling toots and geek the fuck out about watches


4 years old and still running!

cursed, food 

mixed raw vegetables in the shape of fursonas served as hors d'ouvre, or; cruwudités

if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day

a day in which it's far easier to teach him how to fish because he's not fucking starving to death

"Hey Pirithous, these two characters in this play would be sooooo cute together!"

it's the ship of Theseus


"'rise up and overthrow' as in 'rise up and overthrow an oppressor?'"


"have you considered, I dunno, not oppressing them in the first place?"

just call me the output of a cesium-beam atomic clock with redundant power supplies and calibration traceable to NIST, because I’m a 

certified freq, seven days a week

imagining kobolds riding around on these like a biker gang

it's not a cruise ship it's a multiple occupancy boater home

So, for a while I've been thinking "hey, if Sinn made a 4 hand GMT sports watch with a rotating 24 hour bezel in the vein of like, the GMT Master, that'd be neat"

now they've done so, and it is indeed very neat


congratulations to the yanks for not utterly fucking this one up

google are currently running tv ads about "helping local businesses"


"help local businesses by using the services of a foreign multi-national"


Alright, some help would be gratefully received here, running glitch-soc

We have a problem with uploading images, specifically when trying to upload images in the web interface it fails with "422: Error processing thumbnail for uploaded media"

This only happens with the web interface, apps work fine

There's nothing in the logs that would indicate what this is

First thought is something paperclip related but I might be way off

Reports of an illegal cybergoth rave are coming in, believed to be the cause of 0 covid-19 infections

right then, narrowed the problem down, seahorse is trying to connect to and not for linode and we've got no idea why it's not going to the proper address

anyone got any ideas as to what's happening there?

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