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Right, might as well get around to doing one of these with the new influx

I'm sam, I'm an octopus

I do some moderation stuff around here on so if you need a hand with something then I might be able to help

I also make bad-to-middling toots and geek the fuck out about watches

ok here's my proof of work. stealth modchip installed in PS1 that isn't one of the any motherboards that's properly documented (that i've found). the modchip is custom burnt on an attiny

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ok here's my proof of work. i serviced my amiga 600 featuring a previous owner's exploded badly replaced capacitor with several keyboard controller traces destroyed

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does anyone in the uk need their retro computer serviced/fixed/restored. i need money and i don't have a work visa

i've posted another update to our fundraiser: i'm no longer leaving today! we decided to extend my stay here thanks to the help of everyone who donated so far which has enabled us to get a head start on the bureaucracy involved in getting us married. we're officially engaged! but we could still use whatever help we can get, so please boost! :boost_ok:

i'm leaving the uk in 2 days. i don't know when i'll be able to come back. i have been denied a job anywhere for a year now. my savings are running out. we are scared. @Atatra and i need to be together to survive. please help.

if you're looking for a computer grease monkey with over 8 years of professional experience plumbing almost any sort of , old and new, please take a look at my tech page and DM me for a CV! i'm in desperate need of an income after almost a whole year being rejected a position anywhere now

thank you to everybody who's donated so far <3

i've written a little update about our situation and what we're hoping to achieve

i make music:

i make open source tech tools and toys:

i started the netizen club and the link cache, to help my yearning for a simpler internet:

i'm looking for work. if you know anyone who needs someone with 8+ years professional experience plumbing nearly any sort of bespoke tech, talk to me.

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4 years old and still running!

cursed, food 

mixed raw vegetables in the shape of fursonas served as hors d'ouvre, or; cruwudités

if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day

a day in which it's far easier to teach him how to fish because he's not fucking starving to death

"Hey Pirithous, these two characters in this play would be sooooo cute together!"

it's the ship of Theseus


"'rise up and overthrow' as in 'rise up and overthrow an oppressor?'"


"have you considered, I dunno, not oppressing them in the first place?"

just call me the output of a cesium-beam atomic clock with redundant power supplies and calibration traceable to NIST, because I’m a 

certified freq, seven days a week

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