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Sam the Octopus

New piece of ridiculousness from MB&F & L'epee 1839

The Fifth Element, it's a desktop weather station

MB&F stuff is always fun

Things that confuse me about the US medical system #32147:

Brand names for all medication

Especially when there are multiple brand names

Let's take a simple over the counter medication as an example: Addaprin, Advil, Bufen, Caldolor, Cap-Profen, EmuProfen, Genpril, Haltran, I-Prin, Ibuprohm, Ibu-Tab, Midol, Motrin, Nuprin, Proprinal, and Q-Profen


Every 5 years or so they start teasing these fabrics made with shape memory alloys

"Just put a hair dryer up to it and it'll get rid of all the creases and look nicely ironed with no effort" they say

Do these miraculous clothes ever make it to market? Like fuck do they

(just did the ironing, I hate ironing)

Thanks BBC, but I'm not sure "Putin wins Russian election" is breaking news

It's a bit like putting out push notifications that the sun rose in the sky this morning

cute nonbinary people

boost if u fuckin agree

:thaenkin: octopuses are 🅱️oneless vertebrates

Fun fact: Octopuses are classed, under EU law, as honourary vertebrates with all the protections and responsibilities that entails

(there aren't actually any responsibilities, we just muck about all day)

The Daily Mail's youtube channel has been banned for violating the community guidelines


:thaenkin: I should get one of those openPGP cards

I've got a yubikey but the full size cards feel so much more cybre

hey if you miss's glitching hour just remember computer fairies is always open

me: I can't remember regex, it's far too complicated

also me: here's a vim command that looks like my cat wandered over the keyboard, that should do what you're looking for

Neanderthal 1: I'm gonna domesticate a wolf, teach it to hunt, bring in food, it's gonna be awesome

Neanderthal 2: Oh yeah? Well I'M gonna domesticate a, a, a, tiger

N1: Lol what

N2: A tiger. Gonna breed miniature ones. I'll come home, it'll be like, RAR! CLAWS! DEATH! FANGS! but, tiny. Then I'll laugh and give it hugs and it'll roar, but tiny.

N1: That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard, I mean what would a tiny tiger even DO, just sit around looking cool?

N2: Yep

N1: And yet I want one


I think

Pretty sure @squirrel said something about having backups