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Sam the Octopus

did you know?

octopuses are very wiggly

Parry Gripp has answered the age old question "If @squirrel was a vegetable, which would she be?"

[CW: epilepsy warning]

OMG Bitcoin is properly below 10,000 now :blobcheer:

Bulgari have a new version of the Serpenti Tubogas in three colour gold

It looks like a snek 🐍

The conversation also included "It's batteries for a <thing>"

"I don't know what a <thing> is, let alone what kind of batteries it's meant to take"

"Hey Sam, have you got any batteries? I need one"
"Yeah, loads, which kind?"
"Round ones"
"Doesn't narrow it down"
"Y'know, round ones"

Turns out it was MN21s which I don't keep a stock of

Are you bored of your old BAN HAMMER?

Want something more flexible but with the same great heft?

Try the new BLOCK CHAIN

Bitcoin is now below $10,000!


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It's commonly stated that people only use 10% of their brains at any time

Some rare individuals occasionally use 100% of their brain at once

This is called a seizure, and is generally considered a bad thing

Damnit bitcoin, keep dropping, I want to see you burn

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Mastodon 2018: Say something stupid and we will meme the shit out of it


Time for a free service so we don't need to pay money to gender-certification orgs that only recognize two valid forms:

Let's Enby!

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