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Right, might as well get around to doing one of these with the new influx

I'm sam, I'm an octopus

I do some moderation stuff around here on so if you need a hand with something then I might be able to help

I also make bad-to-middling toots and geek the fuck out about watches

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wait, does this mean that the staff at the nearest fast food joints to the white house can put "white house chef" on their CVs?

Cartier are really knocking it out of the park with their revamp of the Santos collection, the new Santos Chronograph is very nice indeed

Single Start/Stop pusher on the left, Reset pusher is integrated into the crown on the right

Only available in the XL format though, which might be a bit too big on some people it's like twitter but with bbcode support!

also no nazis

and is cuddly and fun

and is run by an awesome robot

and isn't actually anything like twitter

the dream of the early- to mid-2000's web is alive and well on

apart from marquee tags, those are probably best left to the past

Because SIHH just wouldn't be the same without H. Moser & Cie doing something ridiculous, here's their "Nature Watch"

Yes, it's covered in live plants

Because H. Moser & Cie do not have a single fuck to give

I was doing some brief research on a decent pocket knife to get (ended up with a Leatherman Micra) and wound up being introduced to the "EDC community"

These people are hilarious

They're wandering around carrying half a dozen knives, fishing kits, no less than 3 ways of starting a fire, and enough cordage to rig a yacht

And those are the ones not carrying at least 2 guns


if you want to add bbcode support to your instance, cherry-pick the last 5 commits in this branch:

A list of bbcode supported in Computer Fairies:

spin - text spin (please CW if using!)
pulse - text gently pulses in opacity
large= - where # is 2 to 5, makes text bigger
size=# - where # is font size in pt
flip=# - where # is either vertical or horizontal, flips text
b - bold
i - italics
u - underline
s - strikethrough
color=# - where # is HTML color name
colorhex=# where # is hex color code
code - monospace codeblock
quote - blockquote

we (the fediverse in general) should probably look for more web storage providers and spread things out a bit

half the fediverse losing images any time wasabi goes down for maintenance is a little silly for a distributed thing

OH! "A Story About My Uncle" is a game!

I though Humble Bundle was just offering random tales about their family members


New 25th Anniversary edition of the A. Lange und Söhne "Lange 1"

With a hunter caseback no less!

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The Costume Institute at the Met should do a jorts exhibition

Preferably curated by @blackle as it's the subject matter expert

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