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also, those plants to the left of it Show more

as if the hedgehogs don't have enough luxury with not one but two houses we've built for them in the back garden I've built them a little hedgehog cafe in the front too

Amazon workers are on strike today and I'm not going to cross picket lines

Also all the prime day deals are either shit or very obviously on stuff they've been stuck with too much inventory of which if I'm being completely honest is more to the point

on this nonbinary pride day let's remember that nonbinary literally just means "identifies as something other than the gender binary" and that's like an infinite universe of possible things thank,s :agender_flag: :bigender_flag: :genderfluid_flag: :genderqueer_flag: :nonbinary_flag: :intersex_flag: :demiboy_flag: :demigirl_flag:

Happy international non-binary day everyone

also me: these cat videos won't watch themselves

A tip for all Brits here, book 23rd April 2019 - 3rd May 2019 off work

You'll get 18 days in a row off by taking 9 days leave

Because of easter your last day in the office will be the 18th and your first day back will be the 7th because of the early bank holiday

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There's a kitten running to and fro through the house

We don't own a kitten

The only drink-related joke that bartenders haven't heard one million times in the past hour Show more

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@maple I've just noticed this badge on your posts and I love it

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Premier Cherdenko: I'm going to escape to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism... SPACE!

Aide: uh... yeah, elon musk sent a car to mars so...

Premier Cherdenko: fuck

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