@maple vim'll do that if you've got two windows open in the same instance, just do ":set scb" in all the windows you want to scroll at the same time

also there's a plugin for atom atom.io/packages/scroll-sync

@maple I know he's done a build of the spikenzie labs kit, can't remember if he's done one of these though

haven't seen anything in depth about the programming, I'll have to look that up

@maple it really is, I'd really like one of the credit card sized ones to take around with me but 80 quid for a calculator is too much

@maple there's a company called swissmicros that make replicas of them, they do credit card sized ones as well!


Sadly not open source though

@maple hm... I can't say I'm really missing much with us not having full text search

I'd say only do it if you fancy messing around with elasticsearch, otherwise don't bother

🎶 the dove shack is a little old place where... COOO COOOO COOOOO COOOOO

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@rey this kind of trial en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheepdog

Watching a dog judge with a wig would be far more entertaining

BBC 1 is currently broadcasting sheepdog trials

They seem to have run out of anything even remotely interesting to air

@maple that's not great

I did check some more with the notifications and that does seem to be how it's behaving though

@maple I've just tried it while the app is in the background and it didn't work

So maybe it works when the app isn't in the background and not when it is?

@maple huh, seems to be working for me now for some reason



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