managed to get about half way through with hand tools until I went "fuck it" and cracked out the 'leccy stuff

the bowl bit of the spoon is a pain in the arse to do with nothing resembling the proper tools so that's a bit shallow but otherwise it worked out okay for the first thing I've ever carved

More discoverability features means it's more likely for William Shatner to be able to find you here

@rosy I'm not sure, with them legs they look like adorable lil mousearoos!

one of my favourite things about the fediverse is being able to make a godawful pun on just about any subject and hear people swearing at me from thousands of miles away

There's a great London tradition of having Eggs Benedict on Christmas morning, but everybody wants them made at 221B Baker St. I mean, you can get them anywhere, but the sauce just isn't as good; as we all know Show more

@Jo I mean, technically precision and accuracy are two different things, maybe he's talking about their ability to miss the target by a very consistent amount each time

the christmas deals have already started, found a great offer on an outdoor canvas shelter Show more

@TheGibson sadly these particular silos aren't vulnerable to grain dust explosions, otherwise it would be spectacular

@bunnylyn album of the year 2017, THE SPACE ADVENTURES OF GENERAL MIBI

fedi meta Show more

@maple @nicole with you being a computer I'm still going to claim I was on the money with "audio-y"

probably asteroids

definitely something that was on the atari 7800

saw tesco cat up the shops today!

far as anyone can tell it lives in tesco car park and wanders inside for warms and a nap

reminder that computer fairies is an otherkin safe space and anyone who gets upset at that can eat it

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