ok here's my proof of work. stealth modchip installed in PS1 that isn't one of the any motherboards that's properly documented (that i've found). the modchip is custom burnt on an attiny

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ok here's my proof of work. i serviced my amiga 600 featuring a previous owner's exploded badly replaced capacitor with several keyboard controller traces destroyed

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does anyone in the uk need their retro computer serviced/fixed/restored. i need money and i don't have a work visa

i've posted another update to our fundraiser: i'm no longer leaving today! we decided to extend my stay here thanks to the help of everyone who donated so far which has enabled us to get a head start on the bureaucracy involved in getting us married. we're officially engaged! but we could still use whatever help we can get, so please boost! :boost_ok: gofundme.com/f/get-taylor-and-

i'm leaving the uk in 2 days. i don't know when i'll be able to come back. i have been denied a job anywhere for a year now. my savings are running out. we are scared. @Atatra and i need to be together to survive. please help. gofundme.com/f/get-taylor-and-

if you're looking for a computer grease monkey with over 8 years of professional experience plumbing almost any sort of , old and new, please take a look at my tech page and DM me for a CV! i'm in desperate need of an income after almost a whole year being rejected a position anywhere now


thank you to everybody who's donated so far <3

i've written a little update about our situation and what we're hoping to achieve


i make music: maple.pet/music

i make open source tech tools and toys: maple.pet/tech

i started the netizen club and the link cache, to help my yearning for a simpler internet: links.netizen.club/

i'm looking for work. if you know anyone who needs someone with 8+ years professional experience plumbing nearly any sort of bespoke tech, talk to me.

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@melonchop in that case our codes of conduct weren't compatible so we set it to silence to avoid any content from there that people hadn't expressly opted into

@melonchop they're from instances that we've had trouble with in the past

don't worry, we're not looking at who wants to follow you, it's an automated thing


4 years old and still running!

@auravulpes "think of a time when someone showed trust in you..."

apparently "[REDACTED]" isn't an appropriate answer

cursed, food 

mixed raw vegetables in the shape of fursonas served as hors d'ouvre, or; cruwudités

@violet another one of those out each side and you've made an inflatable waving tube person though!

@wxcafe @phessler @mwlucas I'd always assumed the advice against using a vacuum cleaner was because it'd go right through the filter, be aerosolized around, and become even more of a pain in the arse to clean up

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