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Sam the Octopus

octopus is squishy, pillowy, and good to hug

@maple I'll be over here rooting for you and sending general positive vibes your direction anyway

@maple ah, well, if there's anything I can do just say

@maple *puts the maple on her charging bed*

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if you use linode, aws and custom backups (not the paid linode backup service) you can run a mastodon instance for less than US$20 per month ($10 for linode and ~$7 for S3)

source: computer fairies. we have over 200 users and federate with almost 2000 other instances and we're running comfortably

anything more expensive than that is for unnecessary features such as elasticsearch. you don't _need_ to pay more than this to run mastodon.

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@InspectorCaracal as far as I can tell they haven't even decided what it is yet

Or if they have then they haven't shared that with anyone

@InspectorCaracal I think there's a meeting of some sort at some point to talk about something

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