does anyone in the uk need their retro computer serviced/fixed/restored. i need money and i don't have a work visa

ok here's my proof of work. i serviced my amiga 600 featuring a previous owner's exploded badly replaced capacitor with several keyboard controller traces destroyed

ok here's my proof of work. stealth modchip installed in PS1 that isn't one of the any motherboards that's properly documented (that i've found). the modchip is custom burnt on an attiny

@mavica_again whoa. That got.... borked. Glad that wasn't a zillion layer board.

@mavica_again As a certified soldering dummy, I have to ask: how does one even repair something like that? Do you have to run a bunch or jumper wires or is it possible to somehow replace the bad traces?

Regardless, excellent work!

@SeasonsChange there are trace repairing kits but yes in my case for this particular board i just ran all broken traces back with patch wires (you can see one in the top right corner of the second picture). thankfully there weren't that many

@mmu_man i don't immediately see a subforum for advertising and usually offering paid services in forums you don't know anyone in to vouch for you gets you banned 🙂

@mmu_man i have ptsd with moderated spaces like that because i never know anyone in the in. if you know someone personally willing to introduce me i might consider it

@mmu_man oh yes sorry i just looked at the "Forum Conduct"

Do not post advertisements for products or commercial services without permission from the moderators.

yes i cannot post there. thank you for the shoutout though

@mavica_again ok. there used to be a section for shops…

I thought the trading section maybe but it wouldn't fit either:

I'd ask some veterans. cc @MuseumJoe @mac84tv

@mmu_man i am not in a mastodon instance that supports edits but thank you

@mavica_again never before have i been more upset that all my computers work just fine :(
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