saw tesco cat up the shops today!

far as anyone can tell it lives in tesco car park and wanders inside for warms and a nap

Not exactly the best time to release a Fallout themed watch, but Laco and A Blog to Watch have collabed on this thing

It's kinda cool looking, I personally prefer for my watches to get that "aged" look through actual use rather than finishes applied by the factory, but it's cool if you want a watch that looks like it's from Fallout

I would like to draw everyone's attention to the only member of the UK government that isn't a complete bastard, Larry

Larry is Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

This is his actual official title

this is an australian possum with leucism (partial loss of pigmentation)

it's a goddamn pikachu

well, it's december now and my laptop is stunningly bisexual

this is of course when they're not managing to knock the ramp down

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First image from the NASA Insight probe after the dust cover was removed

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As someone who knows little of virtualisation this is what I imagine a hypervisor is

the original location for the hedgehog hotel became unavailable so it's back here in the garden ready for hibernating season

gave them lots of nice straw for bedding

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these sheep are excessively cute, i wish to meet them one day

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