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Sam the Octopus

Huh, Leica (of camera fame) are getting into the watch game

And getting into it in a big way as well, the movement is made by Lehmann Präzision

Actual footage of @squirrel helping to make pasta sauce by peeling the garlic

I have been informed that Brown Sauce is an entirely British Isles thing

What the hell do the rest of you put in your bacon sarnies?

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Microsoft announces first new feature to be added to github after their acquisition

re: current decisions by gargamel and the discussions around that

me whenever I hear the word "discourse"

This is one of the best posed pictures of a watch I've ever seen

Casio F91-W on a black NATO, believe the image is from someone on

SPORKS: the enbies of the cutlery world

Ooh, the A. Lange & Söhne Homage to Walter Lange in steel is going to auction with Phillips

It's going on sale to benefit a charity called Children Action

This is the only one that's been made in steel and has a very uncommon complication of a jumping independent seconds hand

It's going to go for a quite frankly ridiculous amount of money

The old Asus eeePCs make adorable little terminals for mucking about with

And they're cheap

*wanders around putting these signs up*