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Sam the Octopus

Bulgari have a new version of the Serpenti Tubogas in three colour gold

It looks like a snek 🐍

Piaget have done it again, new record for the world's thinnest mechanical watch

2mm thick

Yep, 2mm

I have watch straps thicker than that entire watch

Still getting them 256 high quality bytes per month from @SuricrasiaOnline

It's a bad vulnerability, but the logo for Spectre is really cute

You've heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for Show more

brexit, joke Show more

This is the daft sod that's our .5 of a cat (out of 7.5 total)

He's not ours, but he very often comes in for food and scritches

It's the first time he's come in and sat on the sofa

Christmas decoration status: done

online ASD test Show more


(very badly drawn, you try drawing with a thinkpad nub mousey thing)

Octopus has acquired a new laptop! (and terrible lighting)

Shopping bags not TACTICOOL enough for you?

Try the new OctoTac Elite Grocery Carrier, with 24 feet of paracord!

Alternatively, this is what happens when I'm bored, find some bag handles uncomfortable, and remember I have an obscene amount of cordage in a cupboard for some reason

Just appalling safety standards on this railway