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Sam the Octopus

New piece of ridiculousness from MB&F & L'epee 1839

The Fifth Element, it's a desktop weather station

MB&F stuff is always fun

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Fun fact: Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't actually know how to wear a watch

It's meant to go on your wrist Leo!

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Just me, a perfectly normal human, taking a perfectly normal walk

The German Foreign Office are a class act

Just got a little microbit to play with

Usually I'd just do a "hello world" but considering what today is I went with something else

Sinn have got some new limited editions coming out

75 of each worldwide

Mechanically identical to the standard 756/757 just in different case finishing and dial colouring

Not sure they're entirely my thing but it's interesting to see Sinn experimenting with some different colours like this

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Ooooh, 25th Anniversary limited edition Grand Seiko

Extremely shiny and cool

Also, accurate to ±5 seconds a year

I can't afford it, obviously, but it's nice to look at

After careful consideration, I'm judging this to be the best .gif of 2018

I know it's early in the year to be calling it, but nothing can beat this

It's a @squirrel !

My sewing teacher was right, I'm never going to win any prizes for needlework