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someone me dad works with saw the hedgehog cafe and loved it

so I built another one for them

this one was waiting for me to put the food out at 8:20

the hedgehogs are messy lil critters so, while I don't expect for a second that they'll use it, I made a little broom so they could clean the cafe themselves

Oooh, shiny

New Grand Seiko models, quartz, yeah, I know, but these are the high accuracy quartz ones with the limited edition (middle) being +-5 seconds per year and the standard models at +-10 seconds per year

Also, I'm a sucker for a good GMT complication

I absolutely love the MB&F & L'Epée 1839 clocks they come out with from time to time

They're just so fun and cool

(Images from

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you wouldn't believe I clean out the cafe every day looking at it after some hedgies come by

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they're coming around earlier

it's only half eight


actually it's just a picture of a Boost

as if to prove that I'm not the only daft sod in my family, my dad made a little sign for the hedgehog cafe

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