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plural stuff, links to other headmates' accounts 

p much all of my headmates have their own accounts btw:

Winter: @wntrdrgn
Azu: @voidsnek
Kat: @katshark

Go follow 'em!

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selfie, eye contact, sfw furry art, plural stuff, hrt 


Hi I'm Annika and I'm some shark girl who is a total mess of gender.

I'm trans and have been on HRT for almost 3 years. I'm cute and so is my sona.

I'm also plural, and @wntrdrgn and @voidsnek are my two headmates!

Please pet shark.

been off of here for a while, probably missed a handful of follower reqs

not super active on here anymore


i had some shrimp flavored ramen and topped it with a lil bit of seaweed

it was fuckin good

granted the Green and Red Brinstar themes from Super Metroid outdo it (for obvious reasons) but covers/arrangements of the original are just so fucking amazing

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somethin about the original Brinstar theme is just

really good

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