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plural stuff, links to other headmates' accounts 

p much all of my headmates have their own accounts btw:

Azu: @voidsnek
Kat: @katshark

Go follow 'em!

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selfie, eye contact, sfw furry art, plural stuff, hrt 


Hi I'm Annika and I'm some shark girl who is a total mess of gender.

I'm trans and have been on HRT for almost 3 years. I'm cute and so is my sona.

I'm also plural, and and @voidsnek are my two headmates!

Please pet shark.

I'll occasionally return to update things but I'm still way more active on other sites these days.

was hoping i'd have moved out by now but finances kinda suck and i live in a place where rent is pretty high and would be even more ridiculous if i moved closer to the city

oh well

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hey did you know that sendaens are cute and you should make one

🎨: @Pockatiel on birdsite

been off of here for a while, probably missed a handful of follower reqs

not super active on here anymore

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