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mastodon notif sound playing on computer, then 1 second later on phone

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annika is a very big, very gay shark girl

and she will snuggle and smooch you if you like :3

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i'm also getting used to like, people *actually* having crushes... on me???

it was just, never a thing until i was out as trans and on hrt 'n stuff

getting used to the fact that I'm bound to have more crushes than I'll ever have partners and that's okay

i get crushes on friends easily, so

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I really should move all the black midis i have into a separate folder so I don't keep accidentally opening them on my old comp (they take up to like 5 minutes to load in and stuff)

there's just something about FM synthesis that I love

I'm 6'1" and ~270lbs

my sona is 10' and 1769lbs (including tail)

feels weird being a whole fuckin foot taller (or more) than some people

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