my sticker from @blackle is probably the first piece of mail i've ever actually gone out to the mailbox daily to check for, can't wait for it to arrive.

please join me in the suricrasia online mud. there's so much to do here.

it's also the only game where all the npcs are sharks

im playing the suricrasia online mud.

why is nobody else on

Suricrasia Online is the only ISP that is staffed entirely by anthropomorphic sharks in maid outfits!

Disclaimer: We will not eat you but we advertise so for purposes

@tcql @Elizafox

Suricrasia is quite obviously not a brand so much as it is a paradigm-shattering rethinking of how four-armed trans shark girls can bring the ragtag mass of broken humanity into alignment with the rest of the federated multiverses, thereby allowing poor clods like me or you to find the redemption that comes with the broadening of one's mind beyond the trifling arena of brands and other such imaginary structures.

Also, have a coupon code for half off your next purchase: IWILLEATU

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