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Anything weird or weirdness in general is comforting to me. This has led me to believe I'm somehow on some strange path. :bunhdlurk:

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Ah yes, a cup of green tea and day 105 in Cult of the Lamb :abunhd:

so I've been playing Cult of the Lamb, I'm having fun. :abunhdhappy:

The sequence {82..1} read as a single number is a prime :bunhdaww: :bunhdlurkaww:

If you did flipnote studio animations back in the day, you should consider making a game for the playdate :abunhd:

Ok AI, Is there something you need me to assist you with? :bunhdthinking: :bunhdthink:

Game Genie tiny cheatcode book but it's a programming language reference book :bunhdlurkaww: :bunhdaww:

You can learn how to use any software of any kind but it must be done on stream and your only source of information is chat. :bunhdthinking: :bunhdthink:

The only way to escape these bots is barking mad I suppose :bunhdgoogly:

I wanna learn to play chess :bunhd: not the basic rules thought, I mean everything else :bunhdlurk:

I close my eyes, there's just a :crt_w_prompt: blinking green block :bunhdsleep:

The music album equivalent of a weighted blanket :bunhdcomfy: :bunhdcomfyhappy: :bunhdcomfyidle:

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Trans men are men.
Trans women are women.
And nonbinary entities are right behind you.

Install script, ASCII-art wizard/witch hat over the prompt. :abunhd:

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