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i did a funny

allegedly nintendo only DMCA'd dolphin from steam due to it's inclusion of the wii common key

so here's a flag that represents the wii's common key, in hexadecimal form :)

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Rnote is what happens when a dev has actual understanding of what a good program is

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do you ever just go "hey this reply would be funny, but maybe it's awkward because these people don't know me"

rPi's internet stopped working, learned about link-local, arp probing, dhcpcd.conf, how I always got the same local ip despite being under dhcp and didn't manage to fix it... rebooted the router and everything worked again. yay!

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World of Ends is a document from 2003 that describes the nature of the Internet and highlights the misconceptions people have about it.

This document is now 20 years old and I still think about it from time to time.
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They brought edubuntu back from the dead, wow. A gnu/linux distro being revived. Makes me wonder whether this is uncommon, or that I'm not THAT into distros

Star Trek: The New Generation (s05e25 The inner light)

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How I almost killed my keyboard by cleaning it with rubbing alcohol. Left it under the sun all day, and it seems there's no lasting damage. Yay.

Flipnotes and a Thermal printer. Endless fun.

I can't wait to be in a retirement home playing gmod and complaining about my pension in vc.

I yell to the heavens, Please do not put spaces while naming either files or folders.

I'm gonna tell chatGPT to write stories similar to Aesop's fables.

The responses ChatGPT gives when you ask it: "Could you create a story in which the presence of human connection is as evident and explicit as possible?"

Thank you old me for doing a backup of my old Wii's NAND.

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