Step 1: Grab all of MLP:FIM
Step 2: Convert it to that DPG video codec
Step 3: Load it to an SD card
Step 4: Put said SD card into a DSi with TwilightMenu++
Step 5: /)

Planning on setting up a #tilde server in the next month or two. I need your suggestions for software to install on it.

I want the WEIRD stuff. I am not talking about your standard "install all the shells you can get your hands on" kind of deal. I want strange, funky console applications that barely anyone has laid eyes on in 20 years. Whatcha got?

(Please boost)

Oh boy, it's that 90s edgy internet humor aka antisemitism. A 1998 warez release of a 1993 DOS game accompanied by this nfo:
(I'm sure a bunch of teenagers who did this thought it was hilarious.)

vidtex - ncurses videotex/viewdata client

Neat piece of software.

The only thing that makes me wish pups didn't grow up is when you hold then and their body's muscle tone suddently drops. The rush of emotions I get. :abunhdcry:

I always wondered why anti-aliasing is such a big deal. then I realised my astigmatism wouldn't let me see the problem.

I really wanna do more stuff with the chroot in my kindle. but I think I got enough features as it is. Relaying on my Rpi to do the package management and compilation is what keeps me from diving into the depths of the cross-compilation abyss. As the kindle runs an X server, this sparks a bit of curiosity.

Any old or obsolete computer should be repurposed as a dumb terminal.

f(x,y) = ((((x ^ 11) + (x | y)) - (-(~x))) & (((2 & y) ^ (x % 16)) | ((~y) / (y / y)))) % 12

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

The first time I played tf2 was on plr_frontier, I was listening to kitsune2 - take off and land. And someone was micspamming a smosh clip. I would've loved to own a server with full replay support back then but I could only manage to archive the chatlogs.

it's hard to believe that Misskey has been in development since 2014. That's just crazy

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