Gun violence, joke 

Leninist, shooting people with a gun: "No look, if I use it with dialectical materialist ideology it'll feed and house and care for people instead of killing them."


I'm not a philosopher-- I'm one of those oracle women who gets really high and then has prophecies of the future.


(Note, the trans bong priestesses are a separate but related point. Notably, Athens had none.)

I look to my country's flag with its stars in the upper left corner, tears in my eyes, and thank heaven I wasn't born in that other terrible global hegemon. I was born in freedom.

*Translated from Chinese*

Under Athenian democracy the average suffrage rate was 10% - %20. At least 80% of the city's inhabitants were not eligible to vote at any given time.

I know you've been sitting around waiting for the adventure of your life to start. Thinking about how one day things will be different and you will be empowered to face your tyrants directly.

This is that call. It's time for you to start. It's time to fight back.

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Weird phenomena: writing a script on something like Guy Debord's conception of time and thinking; "Ugh. Everyone's read Society of the Spectacle. What could I possibly have to add?" But really, even if that were true, talking about these ideas are worthwhile.


kink, incels 

I say we force fem the incels and if it sticks it sticks.

If your revolution has one particular guy I’m not allowed to criticize that means you’ve failed already.

You lost before you even started.

The South isn’t some endless wasteland of hyperconservative hicks. It’s large swathes of marginalized and often very radical people being repressed by far-right States which perpetuate themselves by disenfranchising most of their subjects.

StonerDomme420 from fetlife: "Good... now drink the bong water."

Me: "Thank you, mistress."

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