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To be a woman is to be expected to match an ideal mediated image.

It means being coerced into a performance of always being alluring, but not dirty; sensual, but not sexual; pretty, but not vain; capable, but not proud. To always be hungry. In a phrase: to exist solely for the sake of others.

To be acceptable she must surrender all agency and allow herself to be morphed by social power– to be made pleasing and useful.

In this sense trans women are the most woman of all.

“Yeah, you’ve done great liberating animals from farm cages, but will you free your inner animal from the cage of internalized humanism?”

“Look dan, all I’m saying is if you want to be a part of the ALF you’re eventually going to have to make a fursona."

I accidentally called Lucio Lucario earlier and no one said anything.

I really like playing Overwatch while Lizzie watches because while she doesn’t play she understands the concepts well enough to appreciate what I’m doing. (She plays Warframe, which is super different, but she also watches MOBA and FPS esports)

It felt really nice when I wiped the enemy team with an alt and burst and then captured the point in overtime alone at the very last moment, but she was like "that's hot" and we made out and that was even better.

TLDR twf gamer gf lol

I posted a piece on Plume called "Left Unity: The Ship of Fools Veers Portside"

"After the war the Stalinists went into the various countries they occupied, first setting up coalitio..."

I wrote a piece on Plume called: "Celebrity: Loved, Cherished, Disposable"

"Celebrity is a form of violence. One celebrated becomes dehumanized; an object of affection is still only an object.

Which is to say, disposable if it ever gets tacky.

The celebrity is absolutely alienated. They prod..."


I wrote a piece on Plume called "Society: Relations and Mediations"

"Society is a network of mediations projected onto the interrelationships of individuals. These mediations are sometimes the work of abstract or real institutions and systems of expected behavior such as government, work, parenting, the family, the school, the medical establishment, friendship, dating, social media and m..."


I wrote a piece called "Patriarchy: The Rule of Fathers" on Plume:

"Patriarchy is not simply the oppression of men over women, but the domination of society by literal and symbolic fathers. From the Patrician system of Rome, to the Catholic papacy, to the european Kings to the Mormon elder council, the presidents and prime ministers but also literal fathers in their own househ..."


Born too early to escape domestication.

Born too late to ride Foucault’s sweet dick.

I like philosophy cause it’s just a bunch of dudes sitting around being like “well I think this!!” and other dudes threatening to kill them for it.

Is it really too much to ask to be made the object of worship in a mystery sex cult?

DPS think they're tops but they're just pillow princesses laying there and letting the healers do the work.

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