You: *coming to tell me about your productivist ideology*

Me: *readying the arrows*

Me: “The avoidance of work is way more combative than organizing workers.”

Workerists: “But Marx said the lumpenpr–”


Liberals: *start complaining about how tired they are of the system*


Still mad they didn't name the "anthropocene" the "plasticene" for a laugh.

I just can’t understand how everyone doesn’t see the intense beauty of transgender life.

The real secret? Cis men are simultaneously excited and terrified by the existence of AMAB trans feminine people.

They obviously don’t read us as being men and they feel attraction to us, but they know that patriarchal institutions still recognize us as men (no matter how much we’ve “failed” its tasks, cisheteropatriarchy has to uphold some form of gender determinism to make sense as a system)

So they panic. And most men were taught to handle emotional discomfort via violence.

I hope that cis people understand that there’s enough trans people that they’ve almost definitely interacted with one whether they realize it or not.

It’s safe to say TERFs have no clue what trans women are actually like and only have the weird transphobic caricatures that they invent and share.

It’s not my goal to pass as anything. I’m me and this is what I look like.

Don’t talk to me about the inherent goodness of humanity– it’s the grossest form of centrism.

Do you believe in the inherent goodness of Nazis? Hopefully not.

Then either humans aren’t inherently good or you’ll have to define everyone you hate as “not human”, which is frankly exactly what all the most murderous of shitheads do to their victims.

Me: "I'll listen to Against Me! while cleaning!"
Me, instead: *crying profusely while singing along and not leaving bed at all*

You know. I'm tired of engaging in discussions with queer exclusionists. Instead of having these conversations, I could bring awareness to the struggles that polyamorous people face. From now on, I'll write something about that instead of arguing for our right to exist near LGBT's.

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Stalinists are like “Don’t you care about the plight of victims of imperialism?” as if the USSR didn’t colonize Siberia with slave labor.

"Glad I'm smart enough not to own a Google Wiretap™" I type on my Google Deluxe Pocket Wiretap™ before plugging it into its charging dock with the camera facing me.

All those normal people in the world fear because they know that their normalcy rests on their being like a formless block. Their existence must drive them mad as they deny their potential again and again.

They fear that should the surface break it’d reveal the individual form underneath– that internal essence they had always tried to hide:

Their fursona.

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