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For years I saw this car in my neighborhood, assuming its owner simply attached some pre-printed ornamental foil.

Then one day recently, I saw this young lady squatting in front of it, edding marker in hand, carefully adding line for line.

And I realized: the whole sprawling floral madness of sea-horses, algae and jellyfish is completely handmade!

Kudos, unknown neighbor – this is what determination looks like.

@dirk Impressive! Hope it will stick on - even in the car-wash - or rain 🤔

Woo! Over 100 star thingies! I might be new to this game, but I think I won! 🎉

So… what happens now? Confetti pixels? That little Tetris rocket? I’m so ready!

Subtoot-stadium wave in 3… 2… 1…

\o/ o o o o o o

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