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Please allow me to re-share my rough sketch of some advanced carbon capture technology



In a final step, the user took X, same as before, and changed just a few lines in /etc/connman/main.conf
(removed all the FallbackTimeservers, Ipv4StatusUrl and Ipv6StatusUrl configuration)…

...and it does not connect *anywhere*.

Completely empty list of external connections.

Thing of .


Further results:

- – connections every several minutes to a few Canonical and ubports servers – probably tuneable, but behaving like this out of the box.

- X – connects to some NTP servers, to (detection of WIFI capture portals) and some AWS server, exchanges a few bytes and stops; repeats the same process after ~12 hours (probably network clock synchronization).

This is even less than ‘ default connections.

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Interesting thread in the forum where a user set up the following experiment:

They flashed an Xperia X phone with different OSes, left them idle without running any apps and then saw how often and where the OS is connecting to by default (tcpdumps).


- 8.1 from vendor – an expected catastrophe: within one minute, it „connected everywhere“.

Read on for , , and


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Oh, I just realised NewPipe isn't just for YouTube, also has SoundCloud,, framatube (peertube?), And Bandcamp. Nice!

I somehow feel like I should have known that...

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So the European Parliament decides to adopt privatized Internet censorship -in the name of opposing "terrorist content- without a fuckin vote.

Any country can ask any company to take down any content in *ONE HOUR* if it is "terrorist content".

Hungary, Poland, will love that. Maybe if you call to burn EU Democracy, you'll be taken down too?

Anyone still believes #EU is relevant? that EU Parliament is "democratic"? That any of this is just and fair?



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Jingūmae 27 - ink & marker

While Shinjuku in Tokyo is mainly known as "electric city" and Otaku culture, its side streets are home to lovely residential areas such as this little alley in Jingūmae.

#drawing #city #urban #architecture #japan #tokyo #ink #marker #MastoArt #art #TraditionalArt

Oscars 2021 – a mixed bag 

• Chloe Zhao first woman of color ​Best Director winner 🎉
• Black actors only win for supporting roles not leads 😡​
• My Octopus Teacher best documentary 🌈​
• Ja Ja Ding Dong was robbed 🐳​

Interesting news regarding in this morning's community meeting.

is thinking about allowing the community to buy and install the OS's commercial parts (like the Android layer) on top of community ports, e.g. for the or the @Fairphone ).

Maybe that dream of a hackable Linux-based OS on repairable, ethically sourced hardware could finally come true! \o/

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What wellness is marketed as:
-Body lotions
-Fancy juices

What wellness ACTUALLY looks like:
-Health care coverage
-Access to therapy
-Walkable cities
-Green spaces
-Living wages
-Paid time off
-Physical activity
-Close knit communities

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Hallo #MastoArt,

Bock beim #GINCO, dem Inklusiven Deutschen #Comic­preis der Independent-Szene mitzumachen? Bewerben könnt ihr euch noch bis zum 01.05.

Die Teilnahmebedingungen findet ihr auf der Website:

I'm shocked that 's foremost underground institution, the Renate Comics Library, can only pay its rent for two more months due to the pandemic.

This is an essential place for the Berlin comics scene for over 30 yrs now. I've been to the monthly meetups countless times and I've given workshops there - it's a priceless incubator for art and friendship.

If you can afford it, please consider donating to save this gem:

IBAN: DE16 1001 0010 0004 2961 03

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“Springtime with Covid” – lockdown painting by a 10-year-old girl I happen to know.

Shared with permission from the artist.

OMG, 's exceptional queer space odyssey “On a Sunbeam” is finally out in German!

My nieces and nephews better beware - whatever the oocasion, this will be behind any gift wrapping in the foreseeable future!

The kids finally made me watch the movie today and I‘m happy to report that German mainstream audiences now know the good gals and guys use and go to |s.

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@peter @nickbarreto @chillja @mark
Cannot recommend #Ecosia, they send search data directly to #Bing alias #Microsoft and don't even try to protect your privacy. Also, they use a whole lot of third parties for some of their site features. Try using #Qwant, #Startpage, #Metager or #YaCy instead. More alternatives:

Currently drawing another -style chapter.

I actually cheated and skipped a more complicated chapter for this easier one - lots of stress and people to take care of these days, and I worried the pages would otherwise peter out entirely…

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