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Hey there fellow færies!
My name is Dirk, I'm a artist and writer from , Germany.

Currently working on my next , an Iceland-based documentary about , and the world-shaping power of storytelling. I used to live in for a while and it has a very special place in my heart.

Queer pop/culture aficionado (he/his) and caring 40ish poly dad of two.

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... ich liebe es, wenn Hacker in ihren Folien auch Sprache hacken <3 #eh19

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Feminist graffiti/Fiat billboard (1979), iconic feminist photograph by Jill Posner #womensart

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‘Communities at risk: How security fails are endangering the LBGTIQ+ community’

“This enables governments and companies to construct profiles of them, using these highly sensitive details to make inferences or predictions that may or may not be accurate. Increasingly, profiles are being used to make or inform consequential decisions, from credit scoring, to hiring, to policing.”

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Seid ihr heute auch auf der Großdemo "Stauen für die Klimawende"? Findet heute bundesweit auf den Autobahnen statt.

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EU-Länder stimmen für die Urheberreform und damit für die Uploadfilter.

Ich sag es mal ganz offen und direkt: Idioten. 🤦‍♂️

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#DiePARTEI geizt nicht mit Reservierungsbestätigungen. Sächsische Volgsfahrräder müssen Teil des #Chemnitz|er Mobilitätskonzepts bleiben! #fürChemnitzreichts


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I'm on to the second page now, but here is the first page of a little comic I'm doing. Going to neaten up and change a few things in Photoshop, but I'm pretty pleased. #comic #art #watercolour #comics #watercolor #mastoart

Woke up this morning and wants to follow me.

Thank god I recently implemented to review follower requests.

@Cloudflare , you can follow me if you write me a DM and type what you can see in the picture below! 😘

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In today's #BlackMirrorReality news...

"Amazon, Apple and Google all employ staff who listen to customer voice recordings...

Some of the reviewers told Bloomberg that they shared amusing voice clips with one another in an internal chat room.

They also described hearing distressing clips such as a potential [trigger warning redaction - article linked below if you'd like to read it]. However, they were told by colleagues that it was not Amazon's job to intervene."

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The purpose of putting pronouns in your bio is that most trans people must do this to avoid misgendering, and if only trans people have their pronouns on display it makes it really easy to single us out whether we want to be open about it or not, which leads to harassment.

If you're cis, put your pronouns in your bio. It helps trans people stay safe online.

Not "cis man/woman" or "male/female" or "mr/ms/mrs". The pronouns. Type out the pronouns. Whatever else you add is fine, but please just take 3 seconds, type the pronouns, hit save.

If you don't, trans people have no way of knowing whether you're a safe cis person or not, and I will generally assume you are not since you haven't put forth the minimal possible effort to help protect us.

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"Once I saw a cyclist run a stop sign therefore all cyclists are assholes."

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Hallo #mastodon Hallo #fediverse

#hackershell ist eine Mischung aus #hackspace und #linuxusergroup in #Berlin - #Friedrichshain. Wir veranstallten 1. im Monat, "Kaffee, Kuchen, Hacken". Daneben Veranstalten wir unregelmäßig Workshops.

Wir wollen familienfreundlich sein, d.h. wir sind meistens Nachmittags bis in den Frühen Abend am Start, Eltern und Kinder sind gerne willkommen. Rauchen und Alkohol ist nicht erlaubt.

Besucht uns: im Vetomat. Wühlischstr. 42.

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Endlich #BattleAngelAlita - Last Order durchgelesen neben der original Serie immernoch einer der großartigsten Manga die ich je gelesen habe.
Und bin immer wieder erstaunt das Manga und Comics mehr mein ethisches denken (positiv) beeinflusst haben als Religion...
Den Film werde ich mir dennoch nicht angucken... verdammte Grütze...
#2019 #Manga #reading

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