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Don't blindly believe everything you read online, tempting as that is. Do your homework first. This video series will help you do it well:

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Remember to pop your filter bubble every so often. If you think you're not in one, you're trapped in one and in for a rude awakening.

Tech & coding reminder:

Do not move fast and break things.

Too much is broken already.

Move purposefully and fix things.

SpeedStor detected the controller but told me absolutely nothing about it. The other debug commands didn't work. But this one did:


"G=C800:6" printed the POST error code. Matches Scientific Micro Systems, OMTI, & Adaptec?

I still don't have any idea what basic kind of HDD to pair this mystery controller up with. & folks, any help is appreciated.

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Thank you for commissioning me for a CGA portrait, this one was super fun to do!

working past that mental block and working on some dither patterns oh yeah 💪😤


I still want someone to make USB floppy drives that can read & write MF2DD floppies reliably AND USB floppy drives that can read & write DSDD & DSHD floppies in all the most common formats.

I still want someone to make new 3-1/2 (90mm) AND 5-1/4 (135mm) floppies, too!

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Windows 10 is an incompatible clone of VMS that thinks it's an incompatible clone of CP/M.

Context: Surprise that Windows 10 reads & writes MF2HD floppy disks with a (relatively) cheap USB floppy drive.

What I tried so far:
> debug
-> G=C800:5
-> G=C800:800
-> G=C800:CCC
-> G=C800:5
-> G=C800:6

What I haven't tried yet:
> SpeedStor
> Other debug commands

There's no HDD attached. I have to figure out what the controller is & supports before sourcing a disk.

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Anyone who knows rare add-ons for , can you point me to the manual for this? It's a Mountain Computer part number 05-04031-02 that came in a HDD-less IBM 5160 (PC-XT) I rescued. I can't tell if it's an MFM, RLL, or ESDI controller or what the jumpers do.

I have IBM DOS 2.1 for the PC-XT & IBM DOS 3.3 on disks the XT likes, but they don't have a setup program. The disks were installed before being shrink-wrapped.

The only other utilities I have are DEBUG & FDISK. None of the Debug commands worked, & FDisk simply says no HDD.

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The Diagnostics disk from the XT's Guide to Operations recognizes that a controller is present & jumpered for a single HDD, but it doesn't say what the controller is or what kind it is.

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But the only Mountain Computer manuals I can find are for their Apple II products. None for their IBM PC controller cards.

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And I know it's a hard drive controller of some sort, because Mountain Computer sold it for the PC & XT (5150 & 5160) at the same time they sold hard drive kits for Apple IIs.

Omni Complete Catalog of Computer Hardware and Accessories 1984, pp. 242-243:

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