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Remember to pop your filter bubble every so often. If you think you're not in one, you're trapped in one and in for a rude awakening.

It took 20 years for me to take this picture. IDK if the larger one works, but the smaller one still works.

Important related trivia if you use real or emulated Commodore 8-bits: Never, ever validate a disk containing GEOS files outside of GEOS. If you do, you'll corrupt all those files.

I may have found one, & I'm almost kicking myself. cc65 has a symbol table lifted from the Hitchhiker's Guide to GEOS, checked only for fidelity not correctness. But it also uses a few include files for cross-compiling Apple II GEOS programs, which means conflicting addresses *had* to be resolved:

Back in the day, GEOS was so popular that (by one account at least) nearly half of all C64 owners used it. GEOS 128 didn't quite reach the same status but it was still a bit respectable. The Plus/4 & Apple II versions, however, never made it out of obscurity.

Does anyone happen to know where I can find information on Apple II GEOS programming? "The Hitchhiker's Guide to GEOS" has serious errors, & JFGI is completely failing me.

Ooh, Tusky has a pinned toots tab on user profiles now. Nice!

Remember to pop your filter bubble every so often. If you think you're not in one, you're trapped in one and in for a rude awakening.

Never underestimate the bandwidth of a trebuchet loaded with MicroSD cards.

At the risk of resurrecting my previous toot on the matter which ended up killing my notifications for a solid week, the new 1TB microSD cards just announced by SanDisk and Micron would mean that IPoverTrebuchet now supports packets of 225 petabytes

I had a floppy disk that I took between Win95 & WinNT computers, & the Briefcase feature made syncing files *so* easy. It's probably the only feature of any Windows version I actually miss.

I have finally, actually finished a project I started: my static website generator! Of course, immediately after I uploaded the package, I spotted typos & grammatical errors, & I had to pack up & upload a revision. if you want to check out the tarball & my samples, or if you want to check out just the tarball.

A bit of superstition: It looks like I'll finally finish my static website generator during the waxing half of the lunar cycle. I think that's a good thing, but a bit of doubt lingers.

Have I actually finished a project I started at last? Not quite yet, but all I have to do is proofread and tweak its readme file, and my static website generator will be ready to unleash on an unsuspecting world!

Honestly, I don't expect much of anyone to want to use it. It uses Make, M4, & Markdown to generate pages, & it's best used with a CLI text editor, not anything GUI or shiny or "modern." But it's perilously close to finished!

The cold was actually the flu. I got over it after two whole miserable weeks, but a whole month later I still have the sore throat & cough from hell. :blobsneezing:

Hot cocoa while bundled up in a unicorn kigu? Hot cocoa while bundled up in a unicorn kigu.

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