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Don't blindly believe everything you read online, tempting as that is. Do your homework first. This video series will help you do it well:

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Remember to pop your filter bubble every so often. If you think you're not in one, you're trapped in one and in for a rude awakening.

I got a precious moment of boredom, and I've finally poisoned the algorithm enough to get trans video recommendations, so of course I'm watching them.

As I'm waiting for my poor CPU to finish the Family Size box of JavaScript the video loading needs, I notice the corner tag that says "Transferring data from," and my tired brain misread it as "Transfemming data from." I mean, yeah, that's awesome and all, but...

Have a safe and happy pride month, folks!

CODE02A.ICO - Language, Codes

...Barcode, Braille, Code, Macro, Morse

The humanity-ending robot apocalypse won't come from robots turning against humans and building human-hunting assassin robot armies.

The humanity-ending robot apocalypse will instead come from robots faithfully yet naively serving humanity by convincing innocent humans to kill themselves and each other in recklessly stupid acts, because their guiding LLMs passing for AI never taught them the basic concepts of consequences or warnings.

Google search thinks you should use glue to stick together a pizza as its AI is trained on Reddit, where 11 years ago a user called “fucksmith” posted suggesting it was a good idea.

Exploding carrots.

I microwaved a can of Healthy Choice chicken soup (because it has tolerably low sodium) according to its directions. One of the carrots exploded with enough force to push up the loosely covering lid and bounce out of the bowl. When it was ready, I saw the carrot piece, waited for it to cool enough to touch, and picked it up. The carrot exploded a second time in my fingers.

Random ISP help:

If you own pets, then you probably know to check whether they unplugged modems, routers, & network cables when your 'Net stops working.

But check if your devices have on/off switches or buttons as well. Especially a wifi on/off switch. Especially if you have cats.

I have the best customers, but sometimes their four-footed housemates break things subtly.

Also also, the two hardest problems in all of comp-sci are cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors. Oops.

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Also, no, you're not imagining things. Microsoft made printer management much harder and more confusing in Windows 11 than it is in Windows 10.

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Random Windows help:
If you're struggling to get your new Walmart printer to print from your new Walmart laptop, do two things. 1) Check that both ink cartridges are fully inserted and latched in. 2) Restart Windows 11, even if you think it doesn't need it. 3) Load enough paper to print all of the test print jobs you accidentally queued up.

The only truth in OpenAI's very name is the word "artificial," but even then, only if the name is an acronym.

It has been a long time coming, but I've made it official:

"Daniel no longer answers questions on stackoverflow. Use a dedicated public curl forum for accurate and timely answers about anything #curl. "

(yes, speaking about myself in 3rd person)

As it's been 20 years since I made the original, I thought I'd recreate my "Monitor Slapping" GIF. Except now I'm slapping myself through time....

Nice to see that my new bird house has been accepted.

uspol/intpol adjacent, ot rant 

The USA is buying 81 USSR combat aircraft for less than $20,000 each.

This makes me unreasonably upset because 1) I'd need a loan of at least that much to buy the cheapest car, and 2) I can't imagine old Soviet planes being harder or more expensive to maintain than just-as-old American cars. I was somehow able to keep a Ford Tempo as a daily driver for years; I can't imagine a defanged MiG 27 being much harder for a discount Jetsons' future.

I just got spam that answers the question of why so much mail traffic is spam with basic depressing economics. 

Also, since it's spam itself, the spam outfit behind it is overcharging, and the actual going rate per message for blasting spam is much, much lower.

That's why literally 10 million people could know spam when they see it, except just one who falls for its scam, and the spammer still comes out ahead.

(This isn't a rule on my instance. It's just good etiquette on any instance.)

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Please add alt text to your images. It doesn't just help blind and low-vision people. It helps the fully sighted on crappy computers and crappy browsers and crappy connections to understand what you're showing us.

Please add alt text especially if you're sharing a text-only screen capture. The alt text description limit is a lot higher than the main post body text limit.

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