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Don't blindly believe everything you read online, tempting as that is. Do your homework first. This video series will help you do it well:

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Remember to pop your filter bubble every so often. If you think you're not in one, you're trapped in one and in for a rude awakening.

YouTube recommended a video on that time when the Dutch ate their Prime Minister, & it ran two pre-watch ads. Both ads were for food. Good job, Internet Boob Tube.

If stops with this debugger error, check that your system isn't *too* hardened: `sysctl security.bsd.unprivileged_proc_debug=1` should let gdb/lldb attach & debug-run your program.

code that pirates 

how do i stay on top of all the tracks i want to keep in my dj library? piracy of course! heres my script

#! /bin/bash
lines=$(wc -l < downloads.txt)
while read p; do
./yt-dlp_macos -f 'ba' -x --audio-format mp3 "$p"
lines=$((lines - 1))
tput setaf 3 && echo "tracks remaining: $lines" && tput sgr0
echo ''
done <downloads.txt

A lot of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles linked to Hotfix programs downloadable from the Microsoft Download Center. The MSKB was culled, & the MSDC is gone. MSKB article archives exist, but they have only dead links, no files.

Does anyone have an archive of MSDC files?

Here's a 117 kilobyte JPEG by kgsws. It appears to be a perfectly normal picture, but... (1/2)

So, Dschinghis Khan is apparently not only still active, but original members of the Eurodisco group formed two separate groups both calling themselves Dschinghis Khan, which resulted in one of the former members filing suit against another for trademark infringement.

5 secrets big woman doesn't want you to know:

1. woman big

sorry got distracted thinking about big woman and can't complete the post

I've just been corrected by dosnostalgic on birdsite: DOS 6 and Windows 9x didn't have EDLIN, either. Oops.

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FYI, artists on Instagram: They're allowing (and encouraging) anyone to use your images and footage for their own Reels and Stories without your permission. And it's automatic. You have to opt out of it if you don't want to give permission.

So, they're pretty much saying "Use anything you find here without asking and don't give any credit--that's okay!"


#instagram #privacy

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