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Don't blindly believe everything you read online, tempting as that is. Do your homework first. This video series will help you do it well:

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Remember to pop your filter bubble every so often. If you think you're not in one, you're trapped in one and in for a rude awakening.

one of the libraries underpinning the Linux graphics ecosystem is called the GNU is Not Unix Image Manipulation Program Tool Kit. Its primary competitor was created by a company called Trolltech, and it is the primary library of the Kool Desktop Environment, primary competitor to the GNU is Not Unix Network Object Model Environment.

All of these bind to the X window system, which is named that way because it's the successor to the W window system, which was the window system of the V operating system. It is currently being succeeded by a window system named after a town in Massachusetts.

TIL the `which` command is one of those commands everyone (including me) thinks is standard simply because it's everywhere in the Unix & unixlike worlds, but which really isn't, & is nowhere in POSIX.

LWN, "Debian's which hunt," 2021-10-28:

TIL the POSIX-conformant "which" is `command -v`:

fully spec compliant implementation of the daytime protocol (port 13) that just prints the word "today"

Learn to count with the USB-IF!

  • 1.0
  • 1.1
  • 2.0
  • 3.0
  • 3.1 Gen 1
  • 3.1 Gen 2
  • 3.2 Gen 1x1
  • 3.2 Gen 2x1
  • 3.2 Gen 1x2 (not the same)
  • 3.2 Gen 2x2
  • USB4
  • USB4 2.0

Even if I did trust you as much as I trust my OS package manager, I can't trust that it will always be the real you on the other end of my link to you, and it's possible for an attacker to trick curl into giving one script to less and another script to bash. Why set yourself up as a huge target like this?

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With all the talk recently about making various forms of code safety national priorities, why in the world does any major compiler promoting built-in code safety features still think the official way to install it should be the anything but safe code delivery method curl-pipe-shell?

Nvidia CEO mistakes hallucinogenic computers for actual intelligence, says "AI" will take over coding, so kids shouldn't bother learning to code.

Has this billionaire idiot ever written so much as a "hello world" program that compiled & didn't segfault?

Do colleges teach source code version control & configuration change management in their computer programming courses?

When I went through college, all I got was a half-day lecture, half-day lab, & no test of any kind, on RCS. I may be old, but this was still recent enough that all the cool FOSS kids adopted Git & forgot the BitKeeper fiasco.

The problem with the American lunar lander is that Americans are culturally inclined to tip

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