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Don't blindly believe everything you read online, tempting as that is. Do your homework first. This video series will help you do it well:

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Remember to pop your filter bubble every so often. If you think you're not in one, you're trapped in one and in for a rude awakening.


Don't know how it hasn't gone more noticed over the years, but the guy in this video that Elon tweeted out to show the safety features of Tesla autopilot...? He died in a Tesla autopilot accident two months later.


The cat just went over to the HomePod mini on my desk, meowed at it, and Siri said "sure here is some music for you" and the cat perched on the window sill listening to Garbage and Elliott Smith.

I just want to know how long this has been going on.

The only FreeBSD architecture still vulnerable at the OS level is i386 (32-bit Intel CPUs), which will make vintage computing interesting.

My Palm IIIxe is also not affected by the Year 2038 problem. Instead, it's got different time bugs that mean I won't be able to keep my radical leftist agenda on it past 2032.

Time bugs!
The Doctor's new nemesis!

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Today, January 19th, 2023, is the fifteenth anniversary before the Year 2038 rollover, when the number of seconds since the Unix Epoch (1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC) becomes too large for a signed 32-bit integer.

Unready applications dealing with long-term planning or scheduling, even those running on ready operating systems, are already feeling the effects, for example, by predicting children born today to graduate high school in 1903.

Public Service Announcement

Today it's only 15 years left until the end of the (signed) 32bit UNIX Epoch. It is likely that the first devices that will be in active use in 2038 are beginning development now.

The UNIX ecosystem is surely ready for larger than 32bit timestamps?

evil, deep laughter

Related, I once accidentally pwned an entire college lab of NeXTstations without touching a keyboard.

My home directory's ownership got messed up, the sysadmin was struggling to catch all my files in the fix commands, and I pointed out that my home dir's dotfiles needed the fix as well. The sysadmin got bit by the same ".*" bug on that 1992 day I got bit by today, but on the chown command.

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I love needing to grep thousands of files in 50 dot-directories recursively, and my first clue the 50yo ".*" gotcha bit me is a read-permission error for a file in an ancestor directory after a long wait.

thank you to everybody who's donated so far <3

i've written a little update about our situation and what we're hoping to achieve

thank you @hergaiety for another portrait commission!

check upthread if you too would like a pixel portrait such as this!

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