@olivia No no I'm just a happy daily user :blobupsidedown: @danirabbit is running elementary and has founded it together with @cassidyjames

Got lots of setting up to do now with the release of 7.

The whole family uses it, including our kids - it's so great to have a focused, polished Linux distro for them to do their homework, watch their streams and invite us parents to their Stardew Valley farm every now and then.

Thanks @danirabbit and everyone involved!

@danirabbit Very hyped! No idea about SEO, but I have 2 Thinkpads here biting their nails, nervously waiting for the lucky 7! 🎰

@tangocharlie Very much enjoyed the post. I work very similarly on my longterm comic project, but have at times felt unprofessional for not having frozen the whole story in carbonite, as so many of my colleagues did. I have since made peace with my approach, but boy, it sure is reassuring to find out there are others!

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We passed it a couple days ago, but it has been 10 years since "On Fire", the strip I did that became the meme "this is fine". gunshowcomic.com/648

🐦🔗: twitter.com/kcgreenn/status/16

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@nealcurtis Fascinating use of blacks in the third row - thank you so much for posting!

Happy New Year to all who celebrate!
I hope I'll be able to post and interact more in 2023 - I'm so happy about all the new faces around here.

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░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ [0%]

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I made my way through Carlo Rovelli's brilliant Order of Time (a second time) for reference for my forthcoming work. It's quite wonderful - mind expanding & deeply human all at once. He deals with entropy at length, and that discussion resonated with my comic on entropy "Against the Flow" that I created for the Boston Globe some years back. You can find more on its genesis along with ALL the sketches that led to its rather complicated composition. spinweaveandcut.com/sketching-

Post- and post-Charlie Hebdo intersect: The Angoulême International Comics Festival cancels controversial Bastien Vivès exhibition:

@Rachel_Thorn The links I tried all work. T-rule/blocking, what an interesting read!

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Well this has come to a head. In order to protest AI image generators stealing artists work to train AI models, the artists are deliberately generating AI art based on the IP of corporations that are most sensitive to protecting it.

Who knew the first AI battles would be fought by artists?

Alt text: pictures contain images of AI generated images of Disney, Nintendo, DC, and Marvel characters.

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@OliviaVieweg Für mich sind solche uralt-Zeichnungen aber auch immer wieder eine Schatztruhe an merkwürdigen Character Designs.

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I put @tomgauld's brilliant new comic for @newscientist alongside Ibn Al-Rabin's masterpiece “Le Verbe Prophétique” as demonstrating the ways you can do things in comics seemingly simple yet bewilderingly complex that can only be done in comics.

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