Hey everyone,

I have recently moved my account to @dirk@mastodon.art and will be posting there in the future.

Hope to see you there!

About to move instances 

So I'm planning to move this account to mastodon.art, in hope of connecting a little more to fellow artists and comics people.

All too often I am not able to follow a fellow fedizen or follow a conversation in its entirety, as my instance seems to be rather isolated.

That is a necessary security measure for some, but I want to see what else is out there.

.art is blocking computerfairi.es, so I will have to move twice to get to my goal - bear with me, dear followers!

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In case you have not yet picked up Kate Beaton's : Two Years in the Oil Sands and need convincing, the book just won two well-deserved Eisners. (Also, I've not been able to keep the book on my shelf because I keep lending it to people.) #comics @comics

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Iโ€™m still Marveling that these two comics separately dealing with access to comics for blind readers came out within a week of each other! Pick up Fantastic Four 9 by Ryan North & co at your local comic shop & read AND listen to my colleague Emily Beitiks here

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Here are the first spectacular images of the ongoing eruption in the #Fagradalsfjall area, in Iceland. According to aerial images, at least two distinct eruptive fractures a few hundred meters long appear to have opened. ๐Ÿ“ธ Jakob Vegerfors

What a mash-up - Dungeons & Drag Queens!
Alaska, Bob, Monรฉt and Jujubee (of fame) play the tabletop rpg and enter the dungeons "curse first":

Meta's Kryptonite, lewd-ish 

Was worried there for a second about until I realized that while may have gazillions of dollars and people, the Fediverse has an unlimited supply of nipple pics.
We will prevail! ^_^

@admin @arielmt @troubleMoney
Hey Ariel and Sam, any news on whether Computerfairies will federate with Meta/Facebook or not?
Threads seems to be launching this week, and this fairy would appreciate a heads-up!

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Happy Enshitification Day! ๐Ÿ’ฅ

July 1, 2023: Reddit cuts off API access, Twitter requires login, Youtube may ban ab-blockers, Meta and Google block news in Canada...

A half-year since Cory Doctorow's seminal thesis on #enshitification, how corporate platforms die (pluralistic.net/2023/01/21/pot), and every corporate site seems hell bend on their own destruction.

Celebrate Enshitification Day by going to [instance address]/about, find the donations link, and make your contribution to open social media!

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A great example of how to handle a trans character:

1. Deadname is left as jibberish to prevent its use by assholes

2. Deadname does not hold power over the character

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Iโ€™m looking for a couch to crash on in Berlin, for myself and @mkf, from 24th (as in, Saturday of next week), for a few days - at most a week, possibly less if we decide to also visit a friend in Mรผnchen before the end of the month.

The main point of the trip is to visit the local queer nerd community, so obviously being hosted by those is preferred.

Boosts/mentions of locals who might be able to help appreciated.

Weโ€™ll definitely be visiting CCCB, c-base and AfRA, in case anyone wants to meet.

Thanks! That's my hunch as well, but then there's so many shades of unfavourable-ness.
I'm sure the majority of the 'wait and see' faction wouldn't call themselves favourable towards Meta...

Hey there Computerfairies @admin folks!
I was wondering whether there's any official stance on what will happen once begins federating with us fairies, or offering financial aid for it?

I do have a feeling this is a rather secluded, principled and well-protected corner of the Fediverse - and I'm aware that it's all speculation at this point - but I would be happy to hear about your thoughts/plans once they have taken shape.

Thanks and greetings!

@arielmt @troubleMoney @mavica_again

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hashtag gained traction after 38-years-old cartoonist Ian McGinty recently died of what friends and colleagues attributed to chronic exhaustion, shedding rare light on a toxic comics industry culture of overwork, underpay, health issues and burnout.

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Manga legend Mizuki Shigeruโ€™s โ€œThe Power of Sleepโ€, quoted by Heidi McDonald in her piece on the surge of the hashtag.

The manga depicts an argument between Mizuki and Tezuka about the importance of rest.

Tezuka never slept and died at age 60 of stomach cancer.
His last words were โ€œIโ€™m begging you, let me work!โ€

Mizuki, who lost an arm in WWII, lived to be 93.

[Read from right to left.]


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