I'll be kicking off next weekend's festival in Berlin with watching "No Straight Lines – The Rise of " at the Babylon Kreuzberg cinema on Friday night.

Come early and you can also browse through a Pop Up Exhibition and a Mini Comic Market, with a selection of 's finest queer comics! ✏️🌈​ ​

Movie tickets: yorck.de/specials/no-straight-

A warm welcome to all ​d Men, Women and Enbies!

Have fun settling in, you‘re the heroes of the hour. 💪⚡​​​


Hey there tigers,
Happy Lunar New Year!

Let me attempt an overdue re-.

I‘m Dirk, a -based artist.

and dad, pronouns are he/him.

Tooting in English and German, about comics but also and , which I‘m very passionate about.

Every now and then I'll post bits and pieces of my current project about ‘s invisible people.

Feel free to follow or comment my soliloquies.


The Creative Parent‘s Circle of Guilt.
💯 on the money 🙈​

[From: “When Are You Going to Get a Proper Job?” by Richy K. Chandler]

Glad to see that the Goethe Institute India included , my ancient webcomic from , in their collection of so-called Graphic Travelogues.

The website’s a fun assembly of (mostly German-speaking) artists and their autobiographical travel from all over the world.


An offer to my -concerned bubble:

If you’re a bit freaked out about ’s content scanning plans and feel like it would be interesting to test the waters with alternative OSes, I could help you set up Linux-based .

Admittedly, I’m not very techy and can’t guarantee that we’ll get there, but I have flashed a few devices and all ended up running the Finnish OS without problems.

DM me if you’re interested.

In the mid-nineties I went to a signing at my local comics store.

I brought my first paperback from home because I couldn't afford to buy anything from that signing, and stood in line with my best friend and fellow nerd.

And I remember being awfully proud that Neil, after taking a quick look at us, advised my friend to “Dream a little,” whereas he signed my comic with an encouraging “Dream On”.

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”It’s sure a weird thing to pay a ton of money for ’s latest hardware, and the first thing they do with it is scan your personal files.“

– Matthew Green, cryptographer and expert

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2021 – just helped a kid set up their brandnew , and boy, what a nightmare!

If you don't uncheck a box unmentioned during setup and hidden deep down in layers of preferences, the PS5 is always listening and remotely analyzing everything that is said to “improve its services”.

And to ensure this, yellow LEDs in your controller alarm you when the built-in microphone is _muted_, which was very counter-intuitive for the kid.

Yikes! Peak

If like me you find yourself struggling in these trying times, know that you‘ll always have a room in my magnificent Elven Castle, waiting for you to get some rest. ✨​

I'm shocked that 's foremost underground institution, the Renate Comics Library, can only pay its rent for two more months due to the pandemic.

This is an essential place for the Berlin comics scene for over 30 yrs now. I've been to the monthly meetups countless times and I've given workshops there - it's a priceless incubator for art and friendship.

If you can afford it, please consider donating to save this gem:

IBAN: DE16 1001 0010 0004 2961 03
Paypal: 24h@renatecomics.de

“Springtime with Covid” – lockdown painting by a 10-year-old girl I happen to know.

Shared with permission from the artist.

OMG, 's exceptional queer space odyssey “On a Sunbeam” is finally out in German!

My nieces and nephews better beware - whatever the oocasion, this will be behind any gift wrapping in the foreseeable future!


The kids finally made me watch the movie today and I‘m happy to report that German mainstream audiences now know the good gals and guys use and go to |s.

Currently drawing another -style chapter.

I actually cheated and skipped a more complicated chapter for this easier one - lots of stress and people to take care of these days, and I worried the pages would otherwise peter out entirely…



and when she sighs – somewhere in Central Park
where my immense bronze statue looms – “Oh, Clark …
Isn’t he wonderful!?!”, I stare ahead
and long to be a normal guy instead.

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