If like me you find yourself struggling in these trying times, know that you‘ll always have a room in my magnificent Elven Castle, waiting for you to get some rest. ✨​

I bet y’all think that as a comics artist, I’m constantly locked up in this tiny chamber, huddled behind a tilted desk, but watch me SOAR high above the magnificient planes of the |ic highlands around lake Àlftavatn!

This weekend, the hunting season for ptarmigans has begun in .

There is an unfortunate asynchronicity between the ptarmigan feathers (which are already moulting from camouflage brown to white alpine realness) and Iceland’s actual weather changes – snow is usually a couple of more weeks away.

I had an encounter with a particularly fierce and gutsy ptarmigan mom this summer, so here’s hoping she's keeping all her fluffballs safe during these dangerous weeks ahead 🌨️🤞

In light of U.S. Vice president Mike Pence’s recent visit to to re-establish a military presence there, let me share with you the rusted remains of the WWII naval base in the Hvalfjörður fjord, destroyed by in 1944 for basically interdimensional imperialism and trespassing.

On the bright side, it's June now and that means years of yearning and longing are over: in a few weeks I will be able to see again!

I have some research to do there for my comics project, especially on the eastern coast (Seyðisfjörður, Borgarfjörður Eystri). *And* some serious catching up with my favourite place on Earth.

It's been too long and I'm getting excited!

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