God I hate s3 downloads time out so often for some reason

hell yeah finally set up elixire properly again i can upload once again. writing-bots.in-ya.ml/i/31pvhy

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mods are asleep, post illegal lego builds

Status update on nixos: It works. Kind of. I still have to make a nix expression for applespi.

good morning fediverse watsup today i'm gonna install nixos on my macbook

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@luna Introducing gitdab: Git for those who like to dab.


Registrations are open.
I'll open source the customizations after I eat.

hey guys i made a thing pls tell me you like it i need it for self esteem

seriously though I love blender that was less that 20 minutes of work and most of that was aligning the cubes.

@disroot I've recently getting a lot of issues with emails, with them either not arriving at all, or days after I expected them (sometimes with expired sign-up links etc). Any idea why that's the case, or how to fix it?

Workaround is to send the email multiple times, but even that is not always possible/working.

well technically this is work on which 20% of my final maths grade rests, but whatever.

Okay. Just woke up and realized something. I am NOT going to open Discord today. I got more than enough work to do, and it's taking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much of my time. This might continue until end of summer break, cause I really got lots of stuff to do.

fuck brains they are the best and worst thing about humans.

spoiler alert: yes I probably won't.

tldr; i'm gonna sleep. forreal. I hope.

1hr ago me: "okay gonna sleep"
now me: "just one more toot"
my brain: "stop it already you are tired as fuc OH LOOK IT'S A CUTE CAT"

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