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Don't test my identity.

New enby pride stripe as well as the trans and pan stripes available on RedBubble


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If y'all don't like transgender people then you'd better stop using your phone

Literally, almost all phones use ARM processors, and guess who designed the instruction set for the original ARM processor?

Sophie Wilson, a transgender lady (see picture)

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🔥 Nextcloud bookmarks app disabled 🔥

Due to a bug causing server crash in connection to bookmark app usage, we have disabled it temporarily. We do have an idea on what might be going on and will investigate the issue asap.

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How to clean a mechanical keyboard.

@brunoph well it expired today so I guess somebody forgot to renew it.

@luna i'm not sure but i think Systemd is being developed at the Linux Foundation? idk... someone big signed off on it

@luna doesn't Linus Torvalds sign off on every major change?

@luna that seems like it would have been done already

@SamanthaCayne i always see the forkbomb as a bunch of faces 👀

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The purpose of putting pronouns in your bio is that most trans people must do this to avoid misgendering, and if only trans people have their pronouns on display it makes it really easy to single us out whether we want to be open about it or not, which leads to harassment.

If you're cis, put your pronouns in your bio. It helps trans people stay safe online.

Not "cis man/woman" or "male/female" or "mr/ms/mrs". The pronouns. Type out the pronouns. Whatever else you add is fine, but please just take 3 seconds, type the pronouns, hit save.

If you don't, trans people have no way of knowing whether you're a safe cis person or not, and I will generally assume you are not since you haven't put forth the minimal possible effort to help protect us.

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