uh what languages live for 30+ years? i think they die quicker these days.

@gerd C has definitely been around longer than 30 years FORTRAN is old too COBOL etc etc

@SamanthaCayne i mean i guess I'm not old enough to have experienced the death of any mainstream languages, but it surely feels like a new language is created every day and a few of them never move out of the really early stages.

@gerd i mean its uhh one of those thing where someone wants to make a new language but no one in the end wants to use said lang because they have their tried and true methods and langs

@gerd c, lisp, haskell, to name three. fortran99 is still used in academic environments.

@maple god that's a lot of languages that I know which have died. Didn't think of these. I mean, I also wouldn't consider C and Lisp dead yet as they are still used, but I definitely see how they are not mainstream anymore.

@gerd if you think c isn't mainstream you haven't talked to hardware and firmware designers i guess.


@maple I'm aware...

also i just realized that i misread your toot listing languages as "those have survived more than 30 years and then died" instead of "those languages are old and still alive"

@maple @gerd Even if it were - Javascript's 23 years old, PHP and Ruby are 24, HTML's 26, and Python is 29. A lot of languages are getting up there and still in active use. :)

@gerd I think the idea is, a language has a better chance of living 30 years if you consider what properties it would have to have to live that long

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