i ran out of the usual stuff for a while so here's something completely different this week:

Thomas Dolby - White City (new wave, 1984)

Visage - Fade To Gray (new wave, 1980)

yesterday's track:
Falco - Vienna Calling (neue deutsche welle, 1985)

today's track:
The Vels - Private World (synthpop, 1985)

Human League - Darkness (new wave, 1981)

yesterday's track:
Images In Vogue - Breaking Up (synthpop, 1983)
(apologies for YouTube - Topic upload, it was the only good quality one)

today's track:
Until December - We Are The Boys (hi-nrg, 1986)

curator's note:

the bridge of "emotion in motion" (around 2:00) gives off strong bill wurtz vibes

hey folks. rough times here made me completely energyless to keep updating this account.

fresh start on may 1st, promise.

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