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Remember to save some of the tastiest rocks you mine for your hatchling siblings

Adjacent to my vibes that make people say "sorry, mommy"

I also have a side that makes them go "yes, teacher?"

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pat the girlthing.
hold the girlthing.
cherish the girlthing.
forfeit all mortal possessions to the girlthing.

Today only! Running a special, first come first serve gets a brand new set of free pronouns

You've been so good! You deserve a treat from the hat *shakes an upside down hat full of folded over pieces of paper*

*you reach in, taking a piece of paper, unfolding it it reads* xe/xem

Ohh! That's a good one~

Surely there's a joke about bisexual protogens and universal serial busses...

And don't get me started on private wyverns and its effects on the environment and economy...

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You still believe in airplanes? Oh please

Fly when upcasted to 7th level can only last an hour at most and still affects a single creature at a time, not an object carrying multiple creatures

I just want to play with my expensive collectors cardboard without worrying about what toxic things corporations are going to do next

"I swing at the creature with my quarter staff!"

You aren't going to use the whole staff?

Mentioning vegetable food 

Avocado tastes like smooth

Remember your Kobolds need enrichment too! Give them a pickaxe and let them to expand your basement

They may even find gold or gems! But they may eat them if they lack minerals in their diet

I'm in an unhealthy relationship with Magic the Gathering. I think I enjoy making decks more than playing the game with most people

I don't enjoy people who play with some types of cards, so I either need to find a specific group or something as that's a me issue

Also, fuck Hasbro and their bullshit but ugh I like this expensive joy giving cardboard

People are surprised I have a girlfriend. She's a raccoon :3

They're easy to find, you can take them from the dumpster for free

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