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i'm really cool and i make really cool stuff and i should get paid to keep doing really cool stuff reblog if you agree

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My colleague, @reiver, pioneered native video for the web.

For real.

Prior to his efforts, if you wanted to watch video, you had to install proprietary Flash. Thank God those days are over!

@reiver advocated hard for a <video> tag. Now web browsers natively support it.

Today, the W3C acknowledges his work.

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My existence and the existence of other transgender people are more important than some dumb Harry Potter game.

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“How ChatGPT Can Supercharge Your Design System’s Documentation”

[removes glasses]

[pinches bridge of nose]

[quietly lies down on floor]

[sighs until the heat death of the universe]

[or until the tech industry thinks about what it’s doing for Just One Literal Second, whichever comes first i’m not picky]

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The new Puss In Boots was shockingly good. Has wolf daddy

Every time I drive I'm renewed by the fascination that we thought it was okay to just paint the ground as a suggestion for how now to crash into each other like that is a solution

Imagine building an app like that where at any point I could swerve and crash and destroy all of someone else's toot history

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Are you an adult and want to have a plush animal to cuddle but you’ve been taught that you can’t because “that’s for children”?

Screw that! Go get yourself the biggest, squishiest plush of your dreams. Nobody can stop you.

And if anyone tries to give you a hard time for it, that really sounds like it’s their problem.

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"I hope this graffiti lowers housing cost$"
Seen in Bellingham Washington

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Maybe someday Ivory for Android will be good too? I don't see the appeal and assume it must just be good on iOS. I hit an error screen in the first minute and see text overlapping and outdated graphics. Looks like an old app.

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