Hi everypony, welcome to my Computer Fairies page ! I guess a lot's changed since I last made one of these so I just wanted to reintroduce myself ♡

I go by Hex or Liv, pronouns are ve/ver, it, she, and that one. Im a queer autistic multi-media artist who's interested in tech / cultural projects that aim to be accessible, fair, and open. Silly goose behavior may also abound o.o

Often slow to respond but i like getting to know folx all the same, thx for having me 🌻💙✨

Oo the above is original art btw. Haven't set up an account for posting art on the fediverse but I think that may be happening soon, we'll see :bunhdhappy:

We're also on Plural Café where we write more about art as well as magic & plurality, you can check it out here if ya like: [link](@flexagonical)

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