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Every time someone makes a stink about identifying #trans people properly all I can think about is this episode of #ds9 and like, motherfucker, Klingons figured it out. I think you can manage.

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Hundreds of NHS hospitals have been ordered to share people’s confidential medical records with the American spy-tech company, Palantir. Read the investigation from openDemocracy. #dataprotection #privacy #NHS opendemocracy.net/en/palantir-

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“I was a paid-up member of the male–female brain brigade. It took me several years and a long struggle to realize that I was just not finding the kinds of differences I expected.”

Cognitive neuroscientist Gina Rippon explains that there was never a scientific basis to the myth that male and female brains are biologically different — instead, a major reason why even young children behave differently depending on their gender is because they are “tiny social sponges”.


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Troubling news. Civicus Monitor, which tracks the democratic and civic health of countries across the world, has downgraded the UK on its register, citing the government's "increasingly authoritarian" attitudes to protest and peaceful dissent.


📸 Photo: Bristol, May 2021. ©
They've been trying to warn you...

#Protest #Protests #UKPolitics #RishiSunak #SuellaBraverman #CivilRights #Fascism #Authoritarianism

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Here is a idea. Instead of banning TicToc because it gathers sensitive user data, how about we just ban gathering sensitive user data?

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Docker Inc would like to thank the open source community for making registry successful.

As a token of appreciation open source organizations are invited to subscribe to the paid version in the next month, or their data will be deleted.

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And it hasn't too post this for a while, but just a thought on content warning, which has become a lot less prevalent in the last six months:

CW on Masto isn't about censorship. Its about not retraumatising people who have suffered abuse.

That's it. The Twitter algorithm wants you continually raw with trauma, because it's good for engagement.

For a personal example: I have a couple of major triggers. If I see those triggers CW'd? On a bad day, I'll scroll past.

And that's what it's for.

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OK, so the Alt-Right regime at the BBC has cancelled a 96 year old national treasure. THE national treasure. Lifelong naturalist and broadcaster, who introduced most of the country to a love for the natural world in their childhoods. For the capital crime of a nature program covering damage to ecosystems. In the final series of his lifetime of service

Remind me, which side of the political spectrum does cancel culture? 🤬


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BREAKING: The BBC chairman who donates large sums of money to the Tory Party is concerned Gary Lineker might not be impartial x

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So #SuellaBraverman's defence is that while an email to #Tory supporters appeared under her name, she neither wrote it or sanctioned it.... so let me get this right the Home Secretary is now prepared to argue that signed statements are not indicative of the opinions or claims of the signatory - I'm not sure the #RuleofLaw can survive such a position; I'm looking forward to see how the detachment of signatories from the documents they sign plays out, not least in #contractlaw!

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Slightly different to the definition from my economics class - but seems infinitely more accurate and captures how it drives climate change

#Climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #environment #democracy #uk #scotland #usa #canada #australia #politics #nature #vegan #Birds #animals #science #ukpolitics

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Remember, you now need photo ID to vote in England (local elections are less than 2 months away!).

If you don't already have official photo ID, you can apply for a free "Voter Authority Certificate" - make sure you arrange this well in advance!


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Had someone at work legit get annoyed with me after I told him not to do this... ;)

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Message for cis people, 

I find it interesting that I get so much pushback from cis people about whether or not there is an impending #TransGenocide.

You're using your 2023 brain to assess this. That's the wrong point of view. It's not 2023 for trans people, it's 1933, and we all live in Berlin.

When we all looked at the horrors of the Holocaust, and said #NeverAgain, did we mean anything by that? Can we truly afford to be casual in our opposition to what is intended to reach the same conclusions: that the targeted group are subhuman, and don't deserve life?

You wishing it weren't happening isn't going to save anyone. What are you doing to help protect trans people? Have you even called your representatives at the appropriate government to tell them to lay off?

If not, what DID you mean by #NeverAgain? "NeverAgain, as long as it's not inconvenient for me or requires me to do anything?"

Cis people, we need you to stand the fuck up and fight back. I don't need you to tell me here how you do that; I need you to just DO IT. Don't virtue-signal. Just act. Call your reps. Get your ass out to a demonstration. Take a sign saying "I'm a cis ally!" Get on TV with it. Be noticed, standing up. When you hear transphobic talk at work or in the pub, SAY SOMETHING. Learn, so you can educate.

Bigots don't listen to the people they hate. We need your voices here, your bodies on the line beside ours.

If you're not building a secret room for us to hide in, you're really not paying attention.

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Random thought.
I'm lucky enough to have numerous trans friends and I gotta say, not much in life is more beautiful than seeing the smile, the joy on someone's face after being on HRT a while, or trying on that first skirt, that first bit of makeup, etc., just FINALLY feeling at home in their own body for the first time.
It's not some weird conspiracy. It's just people trying to be their true selves and it's amazing and beautiful.

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A new study about seabirds and offshore wind turbines may surprise you.

A two-year, €3 million study of seabirds at an offshore wind farm off Scotland combined radar data with cameras to identify the species of seabird and create a three-dimensional image of birds’ flight patterns and how they avoid offshore wind turbines’ rotor blades.

The study’s findings: Not a single collision between a bird and a rotor blade was recorded.


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