Hey, if you wanted to try out , it's a good time to give it a shot - entirely free to give a go until the 29th :) Details over here on mybreddit post : reddit.com/r/starcitizenreferr

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Do not ban transgender people from receiving care in mainstream hospital wards - Petitions, for UK citizens only but please share.


Hmm... timestretched pitch shifting for polyphonic sample playback? As an option if you want that? In the zynthbox engine? Well yes, why not ;) Thanks to surina for the SoundTouch library, nifty bit of kit - might have to also use the bom detection in it in a bit :)

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In the most glorious "fuck you" I have seen in a while, you know the book that Cumberland City Council banned because they're homophobic bigots - Holly Duhig's "A focus on Same Sex Parents"? Well, the publisher, BookLife Publishing, have made a PDF version of the book available for free.

Sure be a shame if it was shared far and wide now, wouldn't it?

Every time you ban a book filled with hope and kindness, and care and love, we will resist.


#CumberlandCityCouncil #SameSexParents #BookBans #Bookstodon

Oh you want to hear it? Alright, keep in mind, it's very much a test track, super raw and unrefined ;) but, here ya go :)

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Oh yeah, I was talking about the other day. Thought I'd show what one of those looks like playing in the song player on our :) tracks 1 and 6 both play into the engine on track 1, because that's what I asked it to do. Long reverb tails and the like, it's all very lovely :)

Hey, what if I... set the pattern length on the zynthbox sequencer by step? That'd be a nice thing, right? :)

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@alttexthalloffame My much older brother tells the story, from his childhood in the 1950s, of my mother driving the car through the countryside and narrating what she saw so that her blind (from diabetes) husband could enjoy the view. My brother would lie down on the back seat, close his eyes and see the world the way his father saw it.

I think of that every time there’s a request here to include ALT text descriptions on Mastodon. It’s such a small ask with such a huge upside.

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Don't let companies like Ubisoft take away access to games you paid for and own. Please sign and share this petition.


#ubisoft #anticonsumerism

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Another petition to get the UK government to recognise non-binary gender.

Just to recap, this has already gone to court, and the government successfully pled that it is too hard not to discriminate against non-binary people.

If you think that's bullshit, as I do, and you're a UK citizen, sign this petition to get the issue debated in parliament.


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It's that time again. There was no active UK parliament petition about #nonbinary identities being recognised in law, so I made one.

#UK #petition: Recognise nonbinary people's genders in law and in identity documents

Sign here: petition.parliament.uk/petitio

Track signatures here: petition-track.uk/check-petiti

Deadline: 11th October 2024

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To whoever needs to hear this:

Your blog is better without an image than with an AI-generated one. I came here to read your words — let them stand for themselves!

If you *must* use an image, and some soulless AI mockery would suffice, do this instead:

Step outside, and take a photo of wherever you are.

Include a lot of sky, if you can.

This implicit "here's where I am" is a better reflection of your work than whatever midjourney or stable diffusion would splort out.

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Journey into space with Captain Rhys Griffiths in ‘Reborn’, a furry sci-fi novel by @jfrcoates

Now available on our website

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Still so happy about how my pride pins came out. I'm wearing mine every time I go out. :>
You can get one of these beauties here: ko-fi.com/s/9194908864

As a result, well... the zynthbox swing implementation now works as people who use drum machines would expect it to ;) Also managed to squeeze in a few other little useful bits of polish while i was in there, and the code is much nicer to work with now :)

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Thanks to Captain Pikant over on youtube (excellent channel, just by the by) for finally making the numbers for drum machine swing settings make sense in my head ;) For those wondering, very simply put: The number is a percentage of the distance between two uneven numbered steps, and the position that represents is where the even numbered step between the two uneven numbered steps gets positioned. Super simple, it just never clicked for me before ;D

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Some of our departed friend Lucian's estate is up for auction.
Some may be of interest to the engineering lot here.

Bunch of vintage electrical test equipment (avo 8, philips scopes) Some AV stuff, some radio stuff and lots and lots of vintage electrical stuff (hairdriers, teasmaids, other appliances)
a few old educational kits too.


All proceeds are going towards the storage costs of the rest of the collection and helping out his mother.

Eyes off the techtronics scope..... I'm tempted >.>

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Economics: "Humans only value things monetarily."
Sociology: "Uh, | don't..."
Economics: "Humans are always rational and value is calculated by complex internal calculus."
Sociology: "Uhhh, Psy, can you help?" Psychology: "That's not how humans..." Economics: "ALSO MY SYSTEM WILL GROW EXPONENTIALLY FOREVER!!"
Physics: *drops teacup*

Polychord detection? In my zynthbox ? It's more likely than you might think! ;) Couple of days work, and yeah, definite improvement over "lol that's six notes you got there i can count me" :D

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