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A reminder: furry is punk, furry is counter-culture. The fandom exists as a backlash to the social rules imposed by our society. This group is the most genuine, most empathetic collection of people you will find in a world where being genuine, lifting others up, and having empathy are seen as weakness. We are all here for many different reasons but we are all in this together.

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For the love of life people just switch to firefox. Chrome sucks. No, Brave sucks too. Get out of there, and get Firefox with uBlock Origin.

#firefox #chromeSucks #noBraveSucksToo

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It's #BandcampFriday, the day where Bandcamp waives their fees and all the profits go towards the artists!

As usual, if you haven't checked out my music I'd recommend my album "In Flux" to start!

Bandcamp Friday's are the best way to support independent artists. On average, when someone buys a copy of "In Flux" it's the equivalent of 1700 individual streams on Spotify!


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the British state channel editing out calls for a Gaza ceasefire from footage of an awards ceremony is some actual, bona-fide Soviet-style state censorship. remarkable.


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This though 👀👀 hands up if you also like being pet like a puppydog or perhaps a kitty

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of the environmental impact of computing, i think its very important to mention that storing shit is still pretty free. what really demands Power and Space and Water is to constantly throw all that data into the perpetual surveillance machine. storing a trillion cat pictures is cheap and small. putting it all thru multiple extremely heavy analysis processes per day just so google has useless metadata about you, is extremely expensive and what Business is really all about today. thats where the big money is being poured into

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Please help us get to 10k, sign and share, we want to see if the gov are still using the same copy and paste reply 😂


Petition: Hold a referendum on re-joining the European Union petition.parliament.uk/petitio

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I dream of a world in which everyone can engage in their weird niche hobbies with reckless abandon and post about them online, fully embracing their cringe and letting everyone else in to enjoy.

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Remembrance has become a performative act here in the UK, a means by which people demonstrate their patriotism to each other and pay lip service to the dead, all while ignoring the human cost of conflict.

If poppy disease makes you feel sick, give a couple of quid to SSAFA instead. SSAFA is the Armed Forces charity. They've successfully managed to avoid being politicised and have stayed true to their mission.


#UK #remembranceday

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When somebody asks "does this software need to be accessible to people with disabilities?” the answer you're looking for is “any level of discrimination is unacceptable and illegal.”

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The #Tories are a real & present danger to #democracy as it now seems they are seeking to widen the definition of 'extremism' to include anyone who is 'undermining' Britain!

Such a catch-all phrase will likely give the police the ability to shut down pretty much any dissent:.

The leaked document states: 'Extremism is the promotion or advancement of any ideology which aims to overturn or undermine the UK’s system of parliamentary democracy, its institutions & values'!


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Software influences energy consumption. Knowing how to minimize it can improve battery life and is greener for the environment.

Learn how we are working on this at KDE in 'Measuring energy consumption of software' from #Akademy2023, now available online.




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As a few people have asked. Here's the link to the organ patreon.

Situation is that one third of our triumverate has sadly had to drop out. This has left us £300 odd a month short on rent.
We've mainly been trying to do it using our own cash. But this is a bit much.

It's all still starting out so we don't have much to offer in return yet bar our eternal gratitude.
Our plan is to do a Christmas/New year/both broadcast. So Of course, patrons will have access to this early, as well as any other stuff we do.
We'll be looking to include supporters in the newsletter. As well as offering other things/tiers.

If you are in the East Midlands area of the UK. Physical help is always appreciated. Mainly for lift and shift. but building work, electrical/wiring, soldering & various other things are always going on.

Please boost this as best you can.
The sooner we can get sorted, the sooner we can start making content and growing things <3

Youtube - youtube.com/@EMCOA1934

Patreon - patreon.com/EMCOA/membership

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Say NO to broken browsers! ⛔

The EU is preparing a very dangerous law that would undermine the security of every browser.

Speak up now! 🗣️

@Jeremiah has more on how you can help to protect the web! 💪



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I slowly creep away from anything involving data-scraping, government backdoors, mass surveillance, etc, but not because I understand the issues in any depth.

It's because I read my Terry Pratchett.

“Cheery was aware that Commander Vimes didn't like the phrase 'The innocent have nothing to fear', believing the innocent had everything to fear, mostly from the guilty but in the longer term even more from those who say things like 'The innocent have nothing to fear'.”

― Terry Pratchett, Snuff

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Where is your profile picture from?

Other (reply)

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NHS, impending puberty blocker ban 

NHS England is planning to stop doctors prescribing puberty blockers to trans children and youth – a de facto national ban on PBs for under-18s, except for a handful of long-term research participants and those whose parents are willing and able to pursue private options (a “loophole” which I expect will then be closed off in due course)

A consultation on this policy proposal closes this weekend (29 October), so if you live in England, please take the opportunity to comment here:


I heard that it's :D Have this shot from last Sunday of Rattie and myself ready to head off and do some parcel deliveries and look for bear head helmets in ;) photo by King Dimitrius, taken at the Cornerstone watch party - and what a party it was!

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