@homomorphic ah alright, then that makes sense, have fun with the quirky physics

@homomorphic nice, well deathmatch is fun for about 30 minutes (at least for me) so hopefully there are other multiplayer gamemodes if you plan on playing with your friends

@homomorphic is deathmatch not the only multiplayer gamemode in regular Half-Life? I would always play Sven Co-op with my friends

@rail@bark.lgbt that's right, and for some reason when someone is watching Netflix on the TV, internet gets awfully slow on all devices connected via Wi-Fi and I don't know about you but I don't really like waiting 4 minutes for a web page to load :blobcatmlem:

@rail@bark.lgbt you inspired me to make my own!
They're quite simple and have no rubber band so getting them on and off is kind of slow but hey, now I'm equipped to touch computers!

This is what I had to do in order to get Ethernet into my room, everyone thinks it's ugly but I get fast internet now yeaaah

Hello, world!

I take interest in computer programming, computer art and computer games (my life kind of revolves around computers).

Feel free to ask me anything! I'd love to talk with new people and I don't bite (well, unless you want me to…).

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