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hi, i'm new here! i like math, programming, generative art & free and open source software, and would love to chat to other ppl who are interested in the same stuff :)

finally got my type inference i've been working on for a while now working and it feels so good :D

just finding out about wikifunctions, this looks so cool! i really like the natural language stuff too

mama didn't raise a quitter but she did raise a homosexual and and an idiot

it's finally getting snowy out and it's so pretty! very comfy weather to drink something warm n eat gingerbread to as long as you stay inside

"16 bit sensation" mentioned a curious technique used to convert lineart to digital data. The art is transferred to a piece of cling film, then affixed to the screen, and converted to pixels - using just the keyboard!

I never tried this, so I wanted to try it immediately...

"gifted child"?? yeah gifted with immense homosexuality and computer autism alright

My pronouns are they/she, except if you're on Windows, then they're they\she

after some wrangling, the raspberry pi composite out feed now displays on the CRT. Here it displays a terminal-based screensaver (cmatrix); it is also monitoring the temperature and humidity in the living room. Next challenge is getting infrared signal working!

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im so excited to play half life, its free to keep forever on steam rn so ofc i got it - i've got a bunch of friends that are massive half lfie nerds so let's see if it lives up to the hype

silicon valley VCs' best ideas of the 2020s:
-put a drone on something
-wrongness generator 3000 (uses more energy than a small nation)
-space pollution
-self-crashing cars
-an app that is actually criminally underpaid workers in another country
-an app that is actually criminally underpaid workers in this country
-vrchat but it cost 20x to make and it fucking sucks

who called it "legend of zelda speedrunning" and not "link-time optimization"

well, if manjaro wants to break the system update for some reason, then I'll just never update my computer


can't get beat by system updates if you never do system updates

Once libraries are nonexistent any modern fascist movement wouldn't even have to burn books, but flick one switch and they'd be remotely deleted from your Amazon Kindle or similar digital β€œlibrary”.

Capitalists are already building the infrastructure to do this through DRM, so stop believing tech is apolitical - the defunding of libraries and paywalling of information are all part of this. :trantifa:

been playing around with rendering strange attractors recently :P

The word "excellent" is derived from the Christian practice of giving up the use of Microsoft Excel for 40 days to commemorate Christ's sacrifice.

It is a period of great productivity.

The date of lent is calculated by using an obscure Excel macro on a field that didn't originally have anything to do with dates, but Excel converted it to one anyway.

also i absolutely adore seeing whatever y'all make so if you have some project you're especially proud of or wanna show off, send it to me and i'll think you're super cool

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