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Going live with my romhacking project to remove screen flash effects from Mega Man 2.

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Doing some Mega Man 2 hacking, still working on removing screen flash effects.

Going live with some Mega Man 2 hacking - removing full screen flash effects.

Me: The race condition happens because the thread just posts a message to make X happen, then does something that requires X to have completed.
Brain: It's surprising that we still use the notion of a linear order of events when thinking about race conditions.
Me: Wait, what?

A piece for @starless !!! In which I was given the list of tags to an image and backwards engineered it from there. Came out EXACTLY like the original. Completely. Perfect recreation. I wanna get some tea and take a nap, actually

having a techie girlfriend is being asked "what happens when you click it though, like what's the error" and going "i mean it just doesn't work" and hearing the sharp inhale of someone working through their tech support trauma right in front of you to avoid screaming

About to reverse-engineer some Zelda 1 audio code, for converting recorder tunes.

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When I need to test things on Windows for work now it goes Windows->synergy->synergyc->Linux (local)->Remmina->x11vnc->Linux (work)->VirtualBox->Windows. It's kind of amazing that the whole chain works.

first half of the free batch of icons i did for pride!

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