I feel like public mastodon polls are going to start to be exploited at some point and then we won't be able to use them.

This is for non-trans people only!

Do you think it is #transphobic to not want to date trans people?

There is an accompanying poll for trans people in the replies.

Please #boost so that I can have a larger sample size than I might otherwise get.

Boost the other poll too if you can.


#Trans friends, I was thinking about our diverse stories, and found myself wondering about the age you knew you were trans (whether you had language to describe it or not)?

I didn't know until my late 40s. Earlier, I knew I was different, but not really in what way.

When did you know?

Please boost for reach, let's get a big sample size!


@actuallyautistic So I'm trying to come to terms with this. I think because I'm above water, I can work and take care of myself without regularly needing extra help (or rather, without needing extra help that I can't pay for), I don't feel like I deserve to say that. But I don't know how else to reconcile the fact that I can't afford to do things like protest or lobby or plant pollenizers. So I have to be able to say, I can't do those things because I have a disability, right?

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Why is it so much easier for me to say

"I barely have the time and energy to work a part-time job and take care of myself. I don't understand how people can do things like work a full-time job and take care of a home and a car and kids. It all seems completely impossible to me."


"I have a disability."


We've been bad at visualization for as long as we can remember, but we seem to finally be making progress. Being able to summon bright colors and simple shapes internally is such a joyous experience.

CVE-2023-21036 / acropalypse is absolutely bonkers.

Apparently for 5+ years the cropping / editing tools for screenshots on Google Pixel phones was only overwriting the start of the screenshot PNG file, but not truncating.

All screenshots shared for the past 5+ years might have data recoverable from them. Demo available at acropalypse.app/

Google still hasn't communicated anything on this.

(h/t ItsSimonTime on Musk's site)

Amiga was a good name for a computer. It makes two important things clear:

1. computer is girl

2. computer is friend

Every time someone makes a stink about identifying #trans people properly all I can think about is this episode of #ds9 and like, motherfucker, Klingons figured it out. I think you can manage.

*upgrades Firefox, discovers new feature, immediately googles to find out how to disable new feature*

I've been doing this thing lately where a topic comes up and I will feel that I know something about it and articulate an opinion. It's weird and I'm not sure I like it.

People who hire people in tech, remember this:

If you are requiring a degree in the field, instead of simply the skills needed for the job, the people you are filtering out is the poors.

Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

plurality, mental health stigma 

I wonder, if I'd understood that earlier and approached it from the angle of "I'm really not much different from everyone else, just more aware of the specifics of the parts that I, like everyone else, have, and that's important enough to me that I want to share it," would I have been met with less stigma?

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plurality, mental health stigma 

If you pay attention, it's very common to acknowledge, directly, that our minds have parts. But when you start giving those parts names and letting other people know they exist, it's suddenly assumed that you are dangerous, even if only to yourself.

Maybe I dissociate a bit more than most people, but the thing that really makes me different is just self-knowledge and authenticity.

Having to constantly remind myself today that my despondency is the result of sleep deprivation and it's OK to take it easy.

It's done and out: my first full-length album, Beatrice's Rose, is free on Bandcamp spriteguard.bandcamp.com/album

Reminder that if GitHub can make a functioning website without any fucking cookie and "consent" popups then so can you

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