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@gendercensus You could presumably distinguish those by context and/or pronunciation. If you used "indefinite they" as a specific person's pronouns (if that's not a contradiction to begin with), the context and pronunciation would be identical, so the pronoun set would be equivalent in usage and indistinguishable.

@Satsuma @gendercensus For purpose of expressing my pronouns, or understanding the pronouns of others, I don't care about this at all.

@gendercensus Which would mean that of those, only "plural they" specifies a pronoun set because it has a specific reflexive. The others are just ways of using they.

@gendercensus No, I got that, I just thought maybe it'd make sense to go further.

@gendercensus I would argue that the forms including reflexive determines the pronoun set, not the number of people referenced.

@gendercensus Is the "name" of the pronoun set even necessary? In this case it's redundant with the forms, and it doesn't disambiguate the sets.

@gendercensus Even in this thread I'm unsure whether plural they means "they referring to multiple people" or "they/.../themselves referring to any number of people"

@gendercensus I hadn't heard of "ser" but saw it in the report, and I like it. But I don't know if it's practical to use.

@gendercensus I think it depends on what the person being referred to wants, i.e. they/themself and they/themselves are both valid pronoun sets. But I'd refer to they/themselves as "plural they".

lewd shitpost 

More like watch bulge amirite 😍

queer speedrunning marathon that i'll be helping with 

Submissions for Undefined Behaviour 2 are now open!!! It is a marathon looking to explore glitchy, unusual or marathon-unsafe runs, as well as related queer gaming content! I'll be helping with it and i recommend checking it out :D find out more at t.co/kuCqZ21oer

@gendercensus I've done some work with gnuplot, maybe that could work? Or not specialized enough?

@gendercensus I'm still willing to help with the technical aspects of processing the data if spreadsheets turn out to be not viable anymore. Or if they still are and a little bit of external processing is needed.

poll for trans people on hrt, :boost_ok: 

do you feel like your endo and other doctors know what they are doing?

continuing my first playthrough of Lenna's Inception by exploring 汇瑩档䌠瑩y twitch.tv/madewokherd

continuing my first Lenna's Inception playthrough, might finish today? twitch.tv/madewokherd

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