"Consistency. You give them the injury, you freaking commit to it. No unrealistic healing. No forgetting about it." (justanotherghostwriter.tumblr.)

Aaaahaha… yes. Yes omg. Do not promise whump and then not focus on the pain at all. That is just mean.


"Don’t establish a character is injured, and then end the chapter or the episode or whatever and come back later once the character is all healed. And again: don’t establish the injury and then forget about it. Give the whump a platform every now and then. Do it for us. Please."

…why is this so true

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@maunzikation Woah, I never knew this was a thing with a name! I've always liked reading/writing that. I thought it was a bit weird.

@Yulran omg yay!! I felt very similar when I discovered that word. And I like most of the (small-ish) community around it! I'm not active in it, because omgomgomg, but still, at least reading is nice.

@maunzikation I should definitely investigate what is readable out there! I'm so excited about it now.

@Yulran omg good luck!! and if you want to share anything that you find, I'll be super excited. I'm always looking for stuff in that direction, but sometimes it's hard to find.

@maunzikation Not sure if I can find something you don't already know, but I can try!

@Yulran oh, I really don't know that much. I can't even think of anything specific that I'd recommend, I've read some, but mostly very short fics that I didn't save :o (except some SHIELD thing? I don't even remember the pairing, May & Simmons maybe, but I might be able to find it)

Ooh and recently I discovered that searching deviantart for some specific things that I'm looking for works ok.

@maunzikation I'm not a big fanfiction reader to be honest, I haven't got close to any fandom in ten years. I wonder if there is non fanfiction whump, or something that doesn't require knowledge from the original. It should be!

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