Hey everybody, having some problems with cybre.space's server this morning. Looks like hetzner had some network trouble this morning, still trying to get to the bottom of the situation.

mastodon bug?, accessibility 

The font "OpenDyslexic" makes weird stuff with some UI elements

It's a major injustice of our language that an adjective as cool as 'draconian' means 'it's really strict and harsh and sucks a lot' instead of 'it's magical and ancient and... really warm? hey, check out how warm this is'

Hello hello hello

Yeah I'm usually not here but, since the place I am usually at has issues, I need to brag here, sorry

I got a book from a different library than the one I was at, to save money! Because I wasn't registered there either, but could do so for free! That means I went to a new place today and even interacted with humans! And the book is interesting and I genuinely feel like I will learn some cybre basics from it without getting bored to death

~ boost to reach more German speaking ppl, if you feel like it ~

Ohai, Leute die deutsch sprechen:


Da geht es darum, die deutsche Übersetzung von Mastodon vom "generischen" Maskulinum wegzukriegen und so umzuformulieren, dass sie Frauen und nichtbinäre Menschen inkludiert.

Wär cool, wenn noch ein paar Leute, deren Pronomen nicht "er" ist, kommentieren könnten, welche Lösung ihnen am liebsten wäre 💜

The #Loomio team are doing a training session in Dublin, Ireland next week!

"Patterns of Decentralised Organisation"


Can everyone please give it a boost - so that we might get the #irish people on Mastodon to see it. :)


In response to the thread by @NerdResa and with inspiration from this thread (discourse.joinmastodon.org/t/d) by @maunzikation, I opened an issue on the Mastodon github about making the German localization more gender neutral.


bye, computer fairies <3

and thank you for being a wonderful admin, @squ1rrel 💜

Hi cybre people! I guess I'm here now! I'm sad to leave computer fairies (maybe it's not permanent? but maybe it is?) but well for now I'll just import my follows and stuff. Meow.

Also, last time I tried, importing follows did not really actually work! So I'll probably be missing some people! Please let me know if you notice!

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"Don’t establish a character is injured, and then end the chapter or the episode or whatever and come back later once the character is all healed. And again: don’t establish the injury and then forget about it. Give the whump a platform every now and then. Do it for us. Please."

…why is this so true

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"Consistency. You give them the injury, you freaking commit to it. No unrealistic healing. No forgetting about it." (justanotherghostwriter.tumblr.)

Aaaahaha… yes. Yes omg. Do not promise whump and then not focus on the pain at all. That is just mean.

Only 7 Toots in the last 6 hours in my timeline (6 from other instances) seems too little? Hello people, are you… existing…?

(Oh and also CN for (not very explicitly drawn) sex on the page, and for sex that isn't entirely enjoyable.)

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I finished "My lesbian experience with loneliness" and it is actually really really good (the only things that I didn't like were the cissexist descriptions of bodies, and the idea that in the end, trying will be enough to be happy). A lot of it felt super relatable to me. A huge part of it is about mental health, so CN for depression, eating disorders, self harm, and other stuff.

(Picture of cover hidden because naked people)


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