i'm sorry about the closure of computer fairies, but after 4 years of fighting the software and the external community, for as little upkeep as we strain ourselves to do these days, it still hangs around our necks like an anchor at high sea.

we'd love nothing more than to continue to provide the service for the few who we are thankful for continuing to stick with us through this whole journey to this day, but the financial and technical upkeep cannot be justified in its current state.


we welcome those (within reason, and our own personal vetoing) who would like to help keep up the instance, and we pledge to keep the instance online until the end of the year for that matter.

we thank everybody who has shown us solidarity, friendship and kindness in these past 4 years.

i, personally, will not be making a return to the fediverse if and when this instance closes, but you can find me elsewhere.

- maple.pet

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