feeling pretty pog to be in the same boat as The Flashbulb whose music i've enjoyed since before i found out i was trans


this serves more of a fucking wake up call to me than anything else. i've been banging on the self hosting drum for a couple of years now yet i never took enough care to mirror what i used as my public diary anywhere else that i had more control over
Good. It should be a wake up call for everyone about centralization and dependency on bigtech for services and applications that get to determine access, use, and support.

Drives me crazy seeing people complaining about how bad they think Twitter has gotten yet constantly going back to it (but still complaining on fedi). It's metaphorical to going to a restaurant, having the cooks shit on your food,
still eating it, then going out and complaining about how terrible the experience was. Over and over and over again. 💢

@knhy i don't look down on anyone who still uses twitter, we as a system still do with other accounts

twitter is bad but i'm not complaining about how bad it got

just that pretty much all of my history i put online is gone now, that's the only thing that upsets me

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