hi please hire me to make you pixels i'm broke and unemployed and i need the money thanks for having boosted this post already i know you won't have failed me 💜

@mavica_again Your artstyle is beautiful and I love it! I hope you can get more commissions, if I get more disposable income I'd be more than happy to commission you

@mavica_again tmj! Querendo fazer em portugues, o pessoal compartilha bastante (p o fediverso) quando necessário :apusheennoodles:

@pbaesse postar em duas línguas dá preguiça! fora outras birras pessoais

mas quem sabe 2024 eu faço uma conta tupiniquim

@mavica_again hi! it says "black and white or any two high-contrasting colors". not exactly sure what in this context contrasting here means uh do you count Green & Pink as one of those thats? thanks in advance!

@TiffanyNeat ideally any colors that have a good contrast ratio between each other so that you can see the art better since it's only two colors, but that's less a rule and more a suggestion

@TiffanyNeat a dark green and a light pink would contrast well with each other, for example

@mavica_again ah okie! would you count pastel green & 'hot' pink shades as good enough for that per se? in love with pixel art so i'd love to commission you whenever i have money for.

@TiffanyNeat well it might look something like this

it's less about what i think and more a "if there's not a good contrast it might not look good" warning, so if that looks good to you then sure!

@mavica_again naicu naicu! also cool to see fellow plural peeps on here. haillo from The Fiction system!

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