got a new midi controller so of course the first thing i do isn't use it for any musical reason but rather write a python script to control the rgb lights in it

just fucking around so far, no real practicality

ableton seems to be the only software to fully take advantage of the entire control surface, but the lights are all controlled over the MIDI protocol so in theory more software could be specially-tailored for this oh yeah also this was basically the first program i wrote when i got a graphing calculator

@mavica_again methinks this could be used as a streamdeck of sorts, I'm curious if it can be repurposed for that or something close to it

@mavica_again I often try to talk myself out of a purchase by reminding myself that I will most likely spend days either trying to get it to do weird things it's not meant to do, or trying to make it do the thing it's meant to do better than it does out of the box, and then once I succeed, never use it for either purpose... but that always ends up being a far more convincing argument in favour of the purchase, rather than against it 🤷‍♂️
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