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Ok yes default post setting is under

Setting > Preferences > Publishing > Post privacy

that rules

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"The federated timelineΒ is a view of all the public toots your servers knows about from across the whole network (including local ones). The most common reason that something appears in the federated timeline is that someone from your server follows the author of that toot. This column moves fast, and can often be pretty wild."

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Unlocked account with "Unlisted" post setting seems to be the closest to a normal public Twitter account (with the exception that you won't show up in searches here if you're set to unlisted)

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oh i forgot about masto again 😭😭

i do rly like masto..... i rly like the post options. i wish instances weren't SO expensive to host

Starshine is a MIDI Controller for the Musically Shy

What keeps people from playing music? For one thing, it’s hard. But why is it hard? In theory, it’s because theory is confusing. In practice, it’s largely because of accidentals, or notes that sound s…

Original tweet :

lovingly listening to parker pitch jjba to their sister in the other room

thinking about getting a custom plush blanket of kars jjba

society has progressed past the need for tweets

The gender today is the smell of burning and leaves burning.

The gender today is the smell of gasoline and leather.

i am having so much fun building a wiki. this is fun. extremely tedious

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