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The gender today is the smell of gasoline and leather.

@Jehan hey bennie big love...I'm so so relieved to hear ur dad is awake I hope it's smooth sailing from here

ok gonna finish the illustrated man..maybe draw and read some more

uk netflix doesnt have seabiscuiiit nooo

honestly i'm considering gettin in touch w at least the girl who consistently tried to keep in touch..but we will see

apparently a few were like...actually worried about me lol??

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coming across old emails i sent to my classmates when I just stopped coming to school

ok plan today. job search. some study. volunteer maybe. i want to go on a walk and grab some bubble tea..

ughh i emailed my references to say ty for supporting me and tht i wasn't successful this time round and my old lecturer was like "wow, sorry to hear that. I am very surprised"
and i am so conflicted between shame and pride???????????)

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