This site has the best colours, but too little space for writing.... that's such a pity.

I want to give someone a lot of love and cuddles. Does that sound nice?

Computer Fairies is 2 years old today!

🎉 🍰 🎊

Hi everyone, I'm Pamula Pixellius, the purple pixie! I love purple (and alliteration)! Good to meet you! I'm just here to try and encourage everyone and make friends. I hope I can make some great ones and have a good time! Hugs and cuddles are always on the offer here!
Please let me know if I need to clean up my act--I'm new to this world. But it sure is pretty here!

Computer Fairies

Computer Fairies is a Mastodon instance that aims to be as queer, friendly and furry as possible. We welcome all kinds of computer fairies!

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