Kids, illness details 

The Great thing about having kids is that either one of them cn suddenly get sick indefinitely.


The small one has no appetite and what little goes in, comes out again in no time. Done with the fever, but. Can’t go to childcare for at least two more days.

I was sick a week before, so. Work will not have seen me for almost three weeks when this is done.

Might be Covid and being by myself I can’t self test him since he is so little. The doc didn’t test him Friday.

Meinen dark twitter account abwickeln weckt ja so einige Erinnerungen an die Zeit bei einer Publikumszeitschrift in einem gewissen deutschen Verlag.

Aus der Geschichte lernen! Nur manchmal! Sagte sie und meldete sich bei einem LSBTQ-Dating-Ding an. Aaah. Much Logic. Weil es schon die ersten 20x so gut geklappt hat.

I hope nobody mentions Twitter next week at work, because the only way I can react to that is breaking down laughing, peeing myself and pressing out the words „Space Karen“ catching my breath. Which will send me into laughing again.

In case anyone runs into the same problem. This was directly tied to having a registeret phone number and 2FA enabled. When disabled it works.
Also it seems like Semiphemeral took care of almost all the tweets, just not at the same time. There were a number left, but they could be deleted within a few minutes manuelt, so it wasn’t a big number.

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Ok, so Twitter question. I got a message my archive was ready to download on sunday. Didn’t see it before yesterday. Right after I downloaded my secondary accounts archive I tried main, but the button was fades and said «temorarily unavailable».

Any ideas for tools that I can use Semiphemeral or what its called only gets approx 3500 of the over 14000 tweets. I might have to set fire to everything without saving, but if there is any way to download/extract that would be preferable.


Endlich nicht-konfessionelles Namensfest für beide Kinder und mum guilt dafür, dass ich es nicht für Nora viel früher gemacht hab. Argh. Parent shaming ist am aller schlimmsten aufzulösen, wenn man es mit sich selbst macht.

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