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not all trans girls are coders. if you aren't a programmer, you are Valid

@scarly @mew if you "only" do CSS/HTML, you. are. valid

@scarly Thanks for this. I am not a coder, nor do I know much about coding. I do know a thing or two about video production though.

@natsumisummer to be honest, video production is a science of it's own, hahaha

@scarly I have to agree with that to a degree, but not as much as coding is.

@natsumisummer @scarly The first friend that came out as trans to me was the girl I used to scour anime VHS tapes with for hours finding clips to make anime music videos when we were teenagers, back when we were both eggs.

Now she's a VFX editor with credits in stuff like Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, and the Ghostbusters reboot.

Trans and video production are permanently married in my mind because of her. :heart_trans:

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